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Conservative Legal Group Challenges Endangered Species Protection

A conservative legal group is threatening to sue the federal government over its plans to protect four dozen endangered species ranging from Peninsular bighorn sheep to the tiny robust spineflower. >> Read the Full Article

Chemicals Linger in Environment, Study Says

The chemicals go down the drain, but in the environment they remain. Researchers have found that a complex brew of everyday compounds -- from products as ubiquitous as shampoo, bug spray and even that morning cup of coffee -- lingers in Minnesota waters even after they're showered off or dumped down the sink. >> Read the Full Article

Talk'n Turkey

Americans polish off seventy million or so turkeys during the holidays ... virtually all bred and raised in such a way that, if you knew the details, you might switch to Tofurky. >> Read the Full Article

Toyota Hybrid Prius Wins European Car of Year Award

Toyota Motor Corp. said Monday its Prius, the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, has been awarded 2005 European Car of the Year. >> Read the Full Article

New Technology to Transform Harvest Waste into Ethanol, Plastic

A biotechnology breakthrough has the potential to transform the harvested corn and wheat fields of the Great Plains into the equivalent of the oil fields of the Middle East. >> Read the Full Article

Norwalk, Conn., Home-Heating Oil Company Turns Up Bioheat with Soybean Oil

Abandon toxic oil and turn up the heat with beans. Yes, beans. Soybeans. Local home-heating oil company Devine Bros. is venturing into a new energy source: a revolutionary alternative home heating oil that has greater lubricity and performance standards. The new fuel is compatible with current heating systems and is environmentally friendly — comprised, in part, by soybeans. >> Read the Full Article

Huge Demand Forces Toyota to Delay U.S. Sales of new Lexus Hybrid SUV

Toyota Motor Corp. has been forced to delay the launch of the Lexus RX400h, the world's first luxury hybrid sport utility vehicle, in the United States until April next year due to soaring demand. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Pump Project May Be Linked to Quake

A federal facility that pumps salty water 14,000 feet into the Earth's crust probably is associated with a magnitude 3.9 earthquake that struck the Utah-Colorado border this month, an official said. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Claim Win over Bureau of Land Management in Utah Oil, Gas Dispute

A pair of environmental groups has notched what they call a significant victory over the Bureau of Land Management in an ongoing battle over the sale of oil and gas leases in Utah. >> Read the Full Article

Transition to Bush Act Would Mean More Control of Wyoming Forests

Mounds of early winter snow melt into rivulets of water as the afternoon sun hits Vedauwoo's granite boulders. >> Read the Full Article