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Pro-Whaling Countries Gear Up for Vote on Limited Commercial Hunts

Countries that oppose the two-decade moratorium on commercial whale hunts fought for the upper hand at an annual whaling meeting Tuesday after early setbacks, pushing a proposal to back limited, for-profit hunts. >> Read the Full Article

Alaska Natives Push for More Toxin Studies

Alaska Natives have seen runny bone marrow in moose and caribou, and lesions and parasites in fish -- and that makes Shawna Larson wonder if toxic chemicals in these traditional foods are making people sick, too. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace Gives Golden Chainsaw to Brazil Tycoon

Brazilian agriculture tycoon Blairo Maggi, the world's largest soy producer, has been voted winner of environmental group Greenpeace's first Golden Chainsaw award for contributing to Amazon destruction. >> Read the Full Article

Private Space Group to Launch Solar Sail Orbiter

The world's first solar sail spacecraft takes flight Tuesday, launched by space enthusiasts who cobbled the privately funded mission together on $4 million and an untested theory that light can power limitless space exploration. >> Read the Full Article

Natural Gas Backs Peruvian Power Play

Peru is moving aggressively to develop its natural-gas holdings while controversy over how to develop greater gas reserves in neighboring Bolivia has set off political crises that have now toppled two presidents. >> Read the Full Article

High-Tech Recycling: It's a Trashy Future

Are you getting ready to throw out an old computer, cell phone or printer cartridge? If you're interested, there are alternatives to relegating electronics to the trash heap, alternatives that could help schools, soldiers and victims of domestic violence, among others. >> Read the Full Article

Roanoke's Maple Leaf Bakery To Take Clean Air Measures

Many people savor the aroma of baking bread, but a bread-baking factory can pollute the air. In early April, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality ordered Maple Leaf Bakery in Roanoke to pay a fine of $2,640 for exceeding a permitted limit on its emissions of ethyl alcohol. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Chatty Songbird Spotted in California

A chatty songbird thought to have disappeared from the Central Valley 60 years ago has been spotted nesting in a patch of restored habitat along the San Joaquin River. >> Read the Full Article

Feds Intervene for Endangered Wyoming Toad

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to reintroduce several hundred more Wyoming toad tadpoles in Albany County. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Senate Climate Vote Puts Heat on Admininstration

A simmering conflict between U.S. lawmakers and the Bush administration over global climate change could boil over in the coming week when the Senate debates legislation that would require U.S. industry to cut emissions of heat-trapping gases. >> Read the Full Article