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Mexican Garter Snake in Danger

An environmental group claims the Mexican garter snake is in danger of extinction after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declined to designate it as an endangered species. >> Read the Full Article

Trash on Mont Blanc Prompts Calls to Limit Hikers

Europe's tallest mountain is dirty and overcrowded, according to a French mayor who has ignited controversy with a proposal to limit the number of climbers on Mont Blanc. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Say India, China Must Coordinate to Save Tigers

India and China must share intelligence and strengthen their enforcement agencies to crack down on organised criminal gangs that illegally trade tiger skins and parts, wildlife experts said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Finds Radioactive Matter around U.S. Ship

Japan said on Wednesday it found radioactive matter from water samples taken around a U.S. nuclear-powered submarine off its eastern coast, but the amount was small and posed no harm to humans or the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Schwarzenegger Signs Landmark Greenhouse Gas Law

In a move backers hope will change the U.S. approach to the problem of global warming, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law Wednesday aimed at reducing the state's greenhouse gas emissions. >> Read the Full Article

Typhoon Xangsane Batters Philippines, Flooding Towns, Closing Schools and Offices

Typhoon Xangsane unleashed fierce winds and dumped heavy rains across the northern and central Philippines on Thursday, cutting off roads and phone lines as authorites shut down schools, ferries and the country's financial markets. >> Read the Full Article

Senator Seeks to Speed Nuclear Waste Shipments to Yucca Mountain

A Senate committee chairman said Wednesday he wants to start shipping nuclear waste to Nevada's Yucca Mountain in 2010, seven years ahead of the Bush administration's schedule. >> Read the Full Article

Dead Zone Off Oregon Needs Storms to Break

The dead zone of oxygen-depleted water that has been killing crabs and fish along the central Oregon Coast is showing the first signs of breaking up, but will likely remain in place until fall storms move in next month. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Needs Two New Icebreakers, Study Says

The United States should begin construction of two new heavy-duty icebreakers, the National Research Council said Tuesday. There are currently four icebreakers in service but two of them, the Polar Sea and Polar Star, are near the end of their service lives. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers See Rare Woodpecker in Florida

After spending months in remote northwest Florida swamps searching for the ivory-billed woodpecker, researchers say they have seen and heard the rare bird once believed to be extinct. >> Read the Full Article