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Thriving Bald Eagles May Lose Protection

The population of bald eagles has rebounded so dramatically in Pennsylvania that the species may soon be moved off the state's endangered list and accorded the less serious status of a threatened species. >> Read the Full Article

African Growth Needs a Stable Climate

(By Jennifer Morgan) Reducing debt, lifting trade barriers and increasing aid are all necessary to reduce poverty in Africa. But one key element is missing from the equation – tackling climate change. Africa, poverty reduction and climate change are all on the agenda when leaders of the world’s richest nations meet in Scotland to attend the G8 Summit. The question remains whether they will have the political will to set a new course of action on combating global warming and the effect it has on millions of people and wildlife species. >> Read the Full Article

Stonyfield Farm Yogurt President Oversees Natural Fast-Food Restaurant Chain

Gary Hirshberg isn't the first parent to become frustrated by the lack of healthy fast-food options for his kids during a road trip. But as president of Stonyfield Farm yogurt, Hirshberg was in a position to do something about it. >> Read the Full Article

Energy Bill Adds Hatch Tax Break for Hybrids

Several of Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch's proposals to spur energy development and conservation -- including a tax incentive for purchase of hybrid cars -- were included in an energy bill before the Senate. >> Read the Full Article

Nissan to Build Altima Hybrid in 2006

The Nissan Altima gasoline-electric hybrid car will be manufactured at Nissan's manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tenn., beginning in 2006, it was announced Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Fetzer Valley Oaks Estate Grown Organic Olive Oil Available on Web

Fetzer Valley Oaks Estate Grown Organic Olive Oil is now available on the web at and at the Marketplace in Fetzer's Homeplace in Northern California. >> Read the Full Article

New Reports Pinpoint Climate Options for Building, Electricity Sectors

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change has released two new reports identifying technologies and policy options for reducing GHG reductions in the building and power sectors. >> Read the Full Article

Wind Power Project Stirs Controversy on Cape Cod

For many years environmental advocates have sought a greater economic commitment to renewable, clean forms of energy such as solar, water, and wind power. Today, a controversy is raging on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, but not because a renewable energy source lacks funding. >> Read the Full Article

Atlanta Area Meets a Federal Standard for Clean Air for First Time in 27 Years

The air in the Atlanta area has met a key cleanliness standard for the first time since 1978, government officials announced Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Four Regions of Spain at Risk of Becoming Deserts, Government Report Says

Four regions of Spain are at risk of turning slowly into deserts, the Environment Ministry said Thursday. The government plans to spend 82.5 million euros (US$100 million) to try and stem the environmental degradation. >> Read the Full Article