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Gore Says Tax Pollution, Not Payrolls

Former Vice President Al Gore Monday suggested taxing carbon dioxide emissions instead of employees' pay in a bid to stem global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Fish Used to Detect Terror Attacks

A type of fish so common that practically every American kid who ever dropped a fishing line and a bobber into a pond has probably caught one is being enlisted in the fight against terrorism. >> Read the Full Article

Study Finds Drugs, Chemicals in Sewage Sludge

Promoted as a great way to dispose of treated waste, the sewage sludge sold to homeowners to spray on their lawns and gardens may also be adding drugs, flame retardants and other chemicals to the landscape, according to a study. >> Read the Full Article

Shark That Walks on Fins Is Discovered

Scientists combing through undersea fauna off Indonesia's Papua province said Monday they had discovered dozens of new species, including a shark that walks on its fins and a shrimp that looks like a praying mantis. >> Read the Full Article

Lions Dying in Indian Zoo after Failed Experiment

Twenty-one lions are dying in a zoo in north India after a cross-breeding experiment to boost the park's attractions went disastrously wrong. >> Read the Full Article

Malacca Strait Meeting Asks Users to Help Littoral States

Maritime officials from 31 nations gathered in the Malaysian capital on Monday to hammer out ways to offset the cost of ensuring the safety, security and environmental protection of Asia's busy Malacca Strait waterway. >> Read the Full Article

Ivory Coast Names New Government after Toxic Waste Scandal

Ivory Coast's President Laurent Gbagbo named a new government on Saturday, 10 days after a toxic waste dumping scandal forced the cabinet to resign, but left key ministers in their posts, his spokesman said. >> Read the Full Article

Mayors Gather in Alaska to Talk Warming

Mayors from 32 U.S cities were urged Saturday to be leaders in slowing global warming by taking steps in their communities. >> Read the Full Article

World Water Demand Surging Due to Rising Population

Surging demand for irrigation to grow crops for food and biofuels will add to pressure on water supplies in a world where one in three people already suffer from shortages. >> Read the Full Article

Schwarzenegger Sends Green Guru to Spread the Word

If Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most influential leaders on the environment today, much credit goes to Terry Tamminen, the brains behind the California governor's brawn on all things green. >> Read the Full Article