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Diesel Engine Companies Challenge Emission Rules from California Air Pollution Regulators

Diesel engine manufacturers went to court Friday to try to block stricter pollution standards set to take effect in a week, arguing state regulators reneged on a $1 billion legal settlement in 1998. >> Read the Full Article

Colombia Coca Crop Spraying Not Harmful, Study Reveals

The largest scientific investigation yet into the health effects of Colombia's program of spraying illegal coca crops, the raw material for cocaine, has concluded that the chemicals used do not harm either humans or the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Massachusetts Democrat Takes Aim at Energy Bill

The energy bill that passed the House on Thursday will raise gasoline prices and subsidize oil companies but fail to reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil, Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., said Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

New Nukes? No Thanks. -- An ENN Commentary

James Lovelock, the British scientist best known for his co-authorship of the Gaia hypothesis, has turned heads recently with searing essays exhorting environmentalists to drop their opposition to nuclear power. An odd opinion for an environmental icon? Not from Lovelock's perspective. >> Read the Full Article

Colorado Wildlife Agency Says Feds Underestimated Effects of Drilling on Prized Plateau

A draft federal report on gas drilling on a prized 3,000-foot high plateau underestimates the potential impact on wildlife, ignores science and lacks enough details to make predictions, state wildlife managers say. >> Read the Full Article

World Bank Says Polluted Air, Water a Growing Health Threat in East Asian Cities

Rapid urbanization is causing water and air pollution that poses an increasing threat to the health of people in East Asia's booming cities, the World Bank said Friday, citing two new reports on the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Bush, Canceling Earth Day Visit to the Smokies, Pushes for 'Clear Skies' Legislation

Heavy storms and high winds blocked President Bush's Earth Day plan to get his hands dirty fixing trails. He missed Great Smoky Mountains National Park but still delivered his plea for better stewardship of the environment. >> Read the Full Article

California Town's Water Tainted by Perchlorate; 36 States Face Contamination

Like dozens of other towns nationwide, this working-class suburb is facing an emerging threat of uncertain dimensions -- a chemical used in rocket fuel and defense manufacturing that has befouled nearly half its drinking water supply. >> Read the Full Article

Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Remains Emotional Issue in Energy Debate

Nuclear power provides a fifth of America's electricity. It provides close to all of the power in France and Japan. China, now one of the most rapidly developing nations, has announced plans to build nuclear plants in its country at a pace of nearly one every two years for the next two decades. >> Read the Full Article

Home Vehicle Refueling Becomes a Convenient Alternative

With the first natural gas refueling stations now available for home garages, Honda has begun selling a limited number of natural-gas-powered Civic GX cars to retail customers in California. >> Read the Full Article