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Jordan River -- Some Are Baptised in It, Others Pollute It

Small sections of the Jordan's upper portion, near the Sea of Galilee, have been kept pristine for baptisms. But Israel, Jordan and Syria have siphoned off huge amounts of river water to meet their needs in this arid region, and pumped waste water back in. >> Read the Full Article

Chemical Leak Poisons Water Supply in Central China, Report Says

A sewage leak from a chemical plant has spilled the cancer-causing chemical arsenide into a river in central China's Hunan province, poisoning drinking water for nearly 100,000 locals, Chinese media said. >> Read the Full Article

Destructive Insects on Rise in Alaska

Destructive insects in unprecedented numbers are finding Alaska forests to be a congenial home, said University of Alaska forestry professor Glenn Juday, and climate change could be the welcome mat. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Film Unites Preachers and Politics

Coming soon to a movie screen near you: prayers, politics and a feature-length film, united in an effort to mobilize religious groups around global warming concerns in time for the U.S. midterm election. >> Read the Full Article

Iceland Resumes Whale Exports after 15-Year Gap

Iceland is resuming whale meat exports after a gap of more than 15 years with sales to the Faroe Islands despite objections from environmentalists that the shipments undermine a global trade ban. >> Read the Full Article

Sturgeon Slowly Re-Emerge in Great Lakes

Sturgeon -- prized for its caviar and smoked meat -- are slowly starting to make a comeback in areas where water quality has improved. The fish, which are protected in just about every state where they're found, were overfished and nearly disappeared in the early 1900s. >> Read the Full Article

Wyoming Museum Wows with Warhol's Animal Side

The National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming, is revealing an unknown side to Andy Warhol, the most famous of pop artists -- screenprints of species from mountain sheep and butterflies to gorillas to America's national symbol, the bald eagle. >> Read the Full Article

County Plans to Vaporize Landfill Trash

A Florida county has grand plans to ditch its dump, generate electricity and help build roads -- all by vaporizing garbage at temperatures hotter than parts of the sun. >> Read the Full Article

The Evolution of Socially Responsible Investing

Today, socially responsible investing still only represents a small portion of all investments. However, the numbers are continuing to grow. In 2005, an SRI Trends Report from stated that $2.29 trillion (up from $2.16 trillion in 2003) in total assets were under management using one or more of the three socially responsible investing strategies – namely screening, community investing, or shareholder advocacy. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Taking Earth Back to Dinosaur Era

Global warming over the coming century could mean a return of temperatures last seen in the age of the dinosaur and lead to the extinction of up to half of all species, a scientist said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article