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Young Adults from 14 Caribbean Countries Gather Material for Environmental Book

Young adults from 14 Caribbean countries recently finished gathering material for a book on the environment they hope will get more young people involved in protection efforts. >> Read the Full Article

Kenya's Maasai Accuse Flower Growers of Undermining Their Access to Lake

Maasai tribal officials vowed Monday to fight against an environmental protection plan they said was being pushed by Kenya's flower-growing farmers despite hurting local herdsmen. >> Read the Full Article

Day from Hell May Have Killed Off Dinosaurs

One minute you're a big T-rex, the next you're toast. >> Read the Full Article

Uphill Battle to Improve China's Death-Trap Mines

More than 200 Chinese coal miners lost their lives recently in at least five separate accidents, prompting President Hu Jintao to call for answers and the government to demand stronger enforcement of safety rules. >> Read the Full Article

Canada and European Union Consider Global Conference on Overfishing

Canada and the European Union agreed recently to move beyond their long-running argument about fishing off the Atlantic Ocean Grand Banks to attack overfishing on a global basis. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: What Is the Roadless Rule?

The U.S. Forest Service manages America’s national forests for “multiple uses,” not just recreation and preservation. And over the past 50 years, one of those primary “uses” has been resource extraction, whereby taxpayer-subsidized leases have been granted to logging, mining, and energy companies so they can remove and sell timber, ore, oil, and gas. >> Read the Full Article

Outrage at Seal Hunt Tourism Is Nonsense, Says Norway

Foreign outrage at a Norwegian plan to let tourists go on seal-shooting trips is mostly "emotional nonsense," a senior official said recently. >> Read the Full Article

Kyoto Is Too Little to Fix Warming, Says U.N. Climate Chief

Although saved recently with Russian help, the Kyoto pact on global warming offers too little to arrest climate change and governments should adopt more radical solutions, the top U.N. climate expert said. >> Read the Full Article

Southern California Dam Outlives Its Usefulness, But Removing It Presents a Costly Challenge

The Matilija Dam isn't much of a dam anymore; on rainy days, it looks more like a waterfall. A pile of sediment has built up so high behind the dam that when just an inch of rain falls, water spills over in glistening cascades. >> Read the Full Article

High Tech Buildings Use Sunlight, Sea Water to Save Energy

At Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, the lights are controlled by sensors that measure sunlight. They dim immediately when it's sunny and brighten when a passing cloud blocks the Sun. >> Read the Full Article