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Scientists Study Drop in Blue King Crab Populations

A groundbreaking experiment to learn more about blue king crab larvae has produced surprising results for research fishery biologist Brad Stevens and his team. >> Read the Full Article

EU Defuses Row with US over Wood Packaging Insects

EU agriculture ministers agreed on Monday to delay new wood packaging rules aimed at keeping out tree-eating insects that the United States has complained would disrupt $80 billion worth of its exports, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Jury Deliberates Case of Alleged Clean Water Act Violation

A federal jury begins deliberations today in the case against a Vancleave developer, his daughter and an engineer accused of violating the Clean Water Act. >> Read the Full Article

Emerald Isle's Visitors Seek Beach Access

Day visitors will face a long walk to enjoy parts of Emerald Isle's wider beach this spring. Pathways to the shore are plentiful, but parking isn't. >> Read the Full Article

Citrus Growers Gearing Up for Canker Issues

Florida's farmers have a range of issues they hope to sway the Florida Legislature on this year, ranging from increased property rights to sales tax exemptions. >> Read the Full Article

Minnesota Officials Mum on Cyanide Investigation

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture will neither confirm nor deny that it is investigating whether beekeepers in the state were using sodium cyanide illegally. >> Read the Full Article

Program to Compensate Amchitka Workers is Progressing

Andy Akulaw spent seven months helping to dig a mile-deep pit on Amchitka Island about 35 years ago. Today, he's getting by on one kidney, and it doesn't work as well as it should. >> Read the Full Article

Economic Uncertainty over Lack of Dredging in North Carolina

Boaters won't be the only ones affected if North Carolina's shallow inlets can't be used. >> Read the Full Article

Fire Ravages Forest Reserve Bordering Malaysian Airport, Administrative Capital

Firefighters used helicopters to douse a fire sweeping through a massive forest reserve bordering Malaysia's administrative capital and the international airport, reports said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article