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Conservationists Sue to Keep Motors out of Grand Canyon

Four environmental and river rafting groups are suing the National Park Service in an attempt to stop helicopter flights and motorized rafting in the Grand Canyon. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Blanches as Michigan Mulls Curbs on Trash

New rules, extra inspections and the threat of a 3,500-percent fee hike hang like an axe over the shipment of tons of Canadian waste to dumping grounds in Michigan, raising fears of a ban or a possible trade war. >> Read the Full Article

China Grapples with Growing Water Shortages

More than 300 million people in rural areas of China lack clean drinking water, and many are being slowly poisoned by water that contains too much fluorine, salt and even arsenic. >> Read the Full Article

Tibetan Women Launch Campaign to Save Fish at Sacred Nepal Pond

A group of Tibetan women has saved hundreds of fish from perishing in a drying 17th century pond built by a Nepalese king to help his queen ease the pain of their son's death, a newspaper reported Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Crafty Sea Lion Befuddles Engineers

A particularly crafty sea lion is befuddling the Army Corps of Engineers, who have come to believe the 1,000-pound mammal is either from hell -- or from Harvard. >> Read the Full Article

Record-Breaking Rainy Month in Hawaii Clears to Reveal Blue Skies

Hawaii residents awoke to sun this weekend after more than 40 days of downpours that left a wake of havoc across the islands and broke records for rain at the wettest place on Earth. >> Read the Full Article

Nuclear Power Debate Heats up before German Summit

German politicians and industry leaders hold an energy summit on Monday to tackle one of the country's most sensitive issues -- the future of nuclear power in the world's third biggest economy. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Environmental Conference in Brazil Ends with Few Advances

A U.N.-sponsored environmental conference ended Friday with disappointment for environmentalists who saw the contentious issue over how to compensate indigenous communities for genetic resources shelved until 2010. >> Read the Full Article

Americans Willing to Fight Global Warming

An overwhelming majority of Americans think they can help reduce global warming and are willing to make the sacrifices that are needed, according to a new poll. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Unstoppable, but Still Chance to Stop Major Disasters, Scientists Say

A British conference on "avoiding dangerous climate change" last year concluded that a rise of just 3 degrees would likely lead to some catastrophic events, especially the melting of the Greenland's polar ice. >> Read the Full Article