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Mongolia Reindeer Herders Threatened by Modern World

North of nowhere and high above the pristine, alpine Khovsgol Lake in the forests of northern Mongolia, the Gansukh family sits in their teepee home while their reindeer graze outside. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Devastates Western Solomon Islands; 13 Killed, Toll Expected To Rise

Tsunami waves churned by an undersea earthquake crashed ashore in the Solomon Islands on Monday, wiping away entire villages and triggering alerts from Australia to Hawaii, officials said. At least 13 people were killed and the toll was expected to rise. >> Read the Full Article

Seafood Poisoning on the Rise as Oceans Become Warmer, More Polluted

Experts estimate that up to 50,000 people worldwide suffer ciguatera poisoning each year, with more than 90 percent of cases unreported. Scientists say the risks are getting worse, because of damage that pollution and global warming are inflicting on the coral reefs where many fish species feed. >> Read the Full Article

New Federal Chemical Rules Will Not Override Tougher State Rules

New federal rules giving the Bush administration authority for the first time to regulate and even shut down chemical plants will not overrule stricter state rules already in place, according to a letter sent Sunday to lawmakers by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. >> Read the Full Article

Surfers Make Waves in British Battle of the Breaks

A political storm is looming over one of Britain's first wave power projects, the Wave Hub, which surfers fear will drain energy from the waves they ride along the Atlantic coast. >> Read the Full Article

Auto Industry Urges Economy-Wide Approach to Global Warming

Automakers called for an economy-wide approach to global warming in reaction to a Supreme Court decision Monday that could give the government the authority to regulate the emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases from cars. >> Read the Full Article

Government Official Faulted for Science Meddling, Leaks of Private Information

A government official broke federal rules and should face punishment for leaking information about endangered species to private groups, the Interior Department's watchdog said. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Scales Back Seal Hunt Because of Poor Ice

The number of young harp seals that Canadian hunters can kill off the east coast this year will be cut by a quarter, mainly because of poor ice conditions where the animals give birth, officials said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Beijing's Water Thirst Causes Neighbor Problems

The northern Chinese province of Hebei, which surrounds Beijing and supplies most of its water, has over-exploited its resources so badly it is suffering subsidence and saline contamination, Xinhua news agency said. >> Read the Full Article

Canadian Government Says Key Environment Bill in Trouble

Canada's minority Conservative government is unhappy that opposition parliamentarians have totally rewritten its draft clean air legislation and will now consider what to do with the bill, Environment Minister John Baird said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article