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Canada Says Seal Population Growing Despite Hunt

Canada's harp seal population is growing despite a seasonal hunt off the East Coast that has killed 975,000 young animals over the past three years, officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Save the River, St. Lawrence Seaway Developers Debate

Members of Save the River and officials from the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. transformed a village board meeting into a debate on commercial navigation. >> Read the Full Article

Miners, Environmentalists Stand at the Ready as Interest in Coal Reignites

With the comeback of Tennessee's coal industry comes renewed resistance. Environmental activists have geared up in opposition to mountaintop mining, which allows companies to slice off the tops of some of the oldest mountains on earth. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace Slams High-Tech Firms for 'E-Waste' in China

The international environmental group Greenpeace slammed American and Japanese electronics giants on Monday for making computers or phones with parts that harm the health of Chinese people who recycle them. >> Read the Full Article

On-Ramp to the Hydrogen Highway

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will advocate that California invest $54 million in public money to help build a network of up to 100 hydrogen fueling stations statewide within five years, according to new details of his "Hydrogen Highway" plan. >> Read the Full Article

Alcoa Recognized at Industrial Energy Technology Conference

Alcoa was recognized for energy conservation and environmental stewardship when it was named a recipient of an Energy Award during the Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC) held recently in New Orleans, Louisiana. >> Read the Full Article

Efforts to Protect Shorebird Continue

Federal biologists are reviewing a Pennsylvania woman's petition to have a migratory shorebird that makes annual stops in Delaware listed as a threatened or endangered species. >> Read the Full Article

Satellites Used to Aid Vanishing Guatemala Jaguars

To the ancient Maya Indians who once built elaborate cities in the Guatemalan jungle, the jaguar's spotted pelt represented the stars in the night sky. Now the Western Hemisphere's biggest cat is being tracked from space. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Crusader Marc Lappe Dies at 62

Marc Lappe, an author, medical ethicist and toxicologist who helped shape the country's environmental and health policies, has died of cancer at his home in northern California, according to his family. He was 62. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Art and Nature

Much of the beauty in our world is to be found in nature, so it's only natural that many artists want to reflect that through their art. >> Read the Full Article