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The Good Life in Valdez, Alaska, is Directly Related to the Oil Industry

Valdez is a company town where people living off big oil have lovely cedar-sided homes with lush lawns and new four-wheelers parked in driveways next to RVs the size of city buses. >> Read the Full Article

Heat, Drought Strain China's Power, Water Resources

Broiling temperatures and a severe drought have left millions of people short of water and strained power supplies in eastern and southern China, leading to at least two deaths and a blackout in one city, news reports said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Thousands of Katrina Evacuees Seen as Climate Refugees

Some 250,000 evacuees from last year's Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast may never return permanently and should be considered "climate refugees," whose ranks around the world could grow until global warming is mitigated, an environmental expert said. >> Read the Full Article

Engineered Grass Found Growing in Wild

Grass that was genetically engineered for golf courses is growing in the wild, posing one of the first threats of agricultural biotechnology escaping from the farm in the United States, a new study says. >> Read the Full Article

Firefighters Back Off Ontario Industrial Blaze

A large fire at a recycling plant in southwestern Ontario Tuesday raised pollution concerns and caused some 400 people to evacuate, while an industrial fire north of Montreal forced about 1,500 residents and workers to leave that area. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Affects Hurricane Intensity, U.S. Study Shows

Global warming is affecting the intensity of Atlantic hurricanes, according to a new study by a university professor in Florida who says his research provides the first direct link between climate change and storm strength. >> Read the Full Article

Congressional Hearing to Look at BP Stewardship of Alaska Oil Field

The House Energy and Commerce Committee will look at BP's corrosion control practices for its oil-transit lines at Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, such as those involved in two spills this year before the partial shutdown last week of the sprawling oil field near the edge of the Arctic Ocean. >> Read the Full Article

Israeli Zoo Animals Show Signs of Stress

The baboons got stressed, the lions got fat and zoo officials worry the antelopes might have heart attacks. After 34 days in indoor shelters, many of the animals at the Haifa Zoo got a breath of outdoor air -- if not a taste of freedom -- for the first time on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Philippines Battles Major Oil Spill, Fishermen Suffer

Rescue workers battled on Wednesday to stop a huge oil spill from further polluting the central Philippine coastline as fishermen, smeared in the foul-smelling sludge, returned to shore with empty nets. >> Read the Full Article

Blue Whale Ancestor Was No Gentle Giant, Report Claims

A ferocious-looking fossil with sharp teeth found in Australia shows that ancestors of today's toothless blue whales were not all "gentle giants", a report said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article