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Fuel Cells to Supply Electricity at Sheraton

The Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina announced yesterday that fuel cells will supply two-thirds of the hotel's electricity by the end of the year. >> Read the Full Article

Massachusetts Making Boundary Change that Could Limit Planned Offshore Windmills

Massachusetts officials are trying to redefine the state's coastline in a move that could give them more control over a proposed electricity-generating wind farm off the shore of Cape Cod. >> Read the Full Article

Russia's UES Close to Large Kyoto-Linked Deals

Russian electricity giant Unified Energy System, which accounts for 2 percent of global greenhouse gases, is close to signing 30 Kyoto-linked deals to slash emissions by 20 million tonnes a year, it said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Seizing Their Chance, Conservationists Join Forces to Push Bills

Senate Democrats and conservationists gathered on the Willamette River's frigid banks Tuesday to announce the "most important" water quality proposal in 30 years, another in a long line of environmental protections they have championed. >> Read the Full Article

Defecating Pandas Expand Their Horizons

A study of giant panda poo in China has proved the endangered animals are expanding their horizons, Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

In a New Mexico Desert Town, Residents Stake Their Future on Uranium

Like many others in this former boomtown, Mayor James Brown knows more about isotopes, centrifuges and uranium-235 than your average college student. Brown's recent crash course in nuclear physics was a prerequisite: Many of his constituents are counting on the jobs and economic trickle-down that are being promised if a $1.3 billion (euro1.02 billion) uranium enrichment plant that would make fuel for nuclear power plants comes to town. >> Read the Full Article

New Global Network Aims for Tsunami Warning System

A global tsunami warning system to get critical information to people in the path of the potentially deadly waves was approved Wednesday as a top priority for the world's climate experts. >> Read the Full Article

Mexico Reports 75-Percent Drop in the Number of Monarch Butterflies

The Mexican government said on Tuesday that 75 percent fewer Monarch butterflies have appeared at wintering grounds here, largely blaming conditions in the United States and Canada for the decline. >> Read the Full Article

Dream or Nightmare? -- An ENN Commentary

Let's imagine a modern day Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving's fabled character who fell asleep for twenty years. To what kind of a world would he awaken in 2025, two decades from now? >> Read the Full Article

Development of Sakhalin Oil Fields Should Be Delayed to Protect Gray Whales, Independent Report Says

A consortium led by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Cos. should halt operations and delay further development of oil and gas fields near gray whale feeding grounds off Russia's far-eastern Sakhalin island, an independent study recommended Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article