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eBay Condemned for Allowing Ivory Trade

The elephant, the world's largest land mammal, is being threatened with global extinction by a "rampant trade" in ivory on the eBay online auction site, animal welfare campaigners said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Giving $71M to Cities in 38 States To Clean Up Industrial Pollution, Blight

Cities in 38 states and two territories will split $71 million in federal funds for cleaning up blighted and polluted areas, Environmental Protection Agency officials announced. Five tribal nations also will share the money, which is meant to revitalize neighborhoods damaged by pollution, contaminated by oil, scarred by mining and blighted by the sale of illegal drugs. >> Read the Full Article

Slowing Deforestation Key to Climate Fight, Experts Say

Even slowing the amount of clearing of tropical forests could significantly cut the amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, international experts say in a new study. >> Read the Full Article

South Korea Land Reclaim Starves Shore Birds

The Saemangeum land reclamation, completed on the west coast last year and covering about 400 square kms (155 sq miles), has removed one of the largest feeding grounds on the Yellow Sea for 400,000 migratory birds who pass by a year, Birds Korea and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSBP) said. >> Read the Full Article

Empty Nets as Tide Turns on Asia's Fishermen

The tide is turning as fish stocks in Asia have declined by 70 percent in the past 25 years, says Stephen Hall, head of WorldFish, a non-profit research body based in northern Malaysia. >> Read the Full Article

Recovery Program Working for Pronghorn

Federal wildlife biologist Mike Coffeen is ecstatic these days. His efforts to save North America's fastest mammal -- the endangered Sonoran pronghorn -- are succeeding beyond expectations. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Climate Expert Hopeful on Environment Policies

Growing public concern at global warming could help put pressure on governments to cut heat-trapping carbon emissions, the top U.N. climate change expert said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Australia's Military Calls in Kangaroo Shooters

A planned cull of thousands of near-starving kangaroos in Australia's capital on Monday had animal rights activists warning of protests to save the animals. >> Read the Full Article

Democratic Presidential Candidates Prod Automakers on Fuel Efficiency

Democratic-controlled Washington stepped in to help save Chrysler nearly 30 years ago when the automaker was on the verge of bankruptcy due to lackluster sales of its fuel-thirsty vehicles. >> Read the Full Article

Yangtze River at Risk of Bank Collapses

The banks of China's massive Yangtze river, a lifeline for tens of millions of people, are at risk of collapse, a state-run newspaper reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article