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EU Wants to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions Beyond 2012

The European Union head office proposed plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2012 on Wednesday, arguing that environmental protection need not come at the expense of economic growth if countries work together. >> Read the Full Article

'Leather-Free' Mercedes Thrills Rights Group

Mercedes-Benz has agreed to offer "leather-free" versions of all its luxury cars to pacify an animal rights group that says thousands of cows are slaughtered each year for leather car seats and interiors. >> Read the Full Article

Storm Damage May Hasten Death of Sequoia

A giant sequoia believed to be the second-largest tree in the world may not live much longer after suffering damage from heavy snow and strong wind, according to officials at Sequoia National Park. >> Read the Full Article

Solar Power Demand to Soar in Coming Years

Demand for solar energy in Thailand is projected to soar over the next six years, driven by the government's programme to promote renewable energy. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists, Fishermen Worry About Herring

Each winter, schools of silvery herring pass beneath the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to drop their eggs in the lushly vegetated corners of San Francisco Bay. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Work on Red Tide Sensor

Researchers at the University of South Florida have been working on a biological sensor that would test waters off Florida for red tide, hoping to eventually track the harmful algae blooms. >> Read the Full Article

Israelis and Palestinians Clean up Rivers to Save Endangered Turtles, Improve Drinking Water

In an area of olive and avocado groves northeast of Tel Aviv, a river of sewage snakes from the Palestinian city of Tulkarem, under Israel's separation barrier and into a river where an endangered species of soft-shelled turtle once thrived. >> Read the Full Article

Budget at a Glance: Department of Energy

The budget would shut down federal support for oil and gas research programs, scale back money for a nuclear waste dump in Nevada, expand research into clean-coal technology and provide $67 million to find ways to store climate-changing carbon emissions. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Seeks Nearly Six Percent Cut in Environment Funding

The Bush administration Monday proposed cutting the Environmental Protection Agency budget by nearly 6 percent to $7.57 billion in fiscal 2006 by targeting a program that helps cities replace aging sewage systems. >> Read the Full Article

W.R. Grace and Seven Employees Indicted over Asbestos-Contaminated Mine

W.R. Grace and Co. and seven high-ranking employees knew a Montana mine was releasing cancer-causing asbestos into the air and tried to hide the danger to workers and townspeople, according to a federal indictment unsealed Monday. >> Read the Full Article