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Lockyer Sues Over U.S. Timber Plan

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued the U.S. Forest Service on Tuesday in a bid to stop it from scrapping a logging plan for the Sierra Nevada and replacing it with one that he said is designed to maximize logging and profits from 11.5 million acres of California forests. >> Read the Full Article

California, Environmental Groups Sue to Block Sierra National Forest Plan

California's attorney general joined environmental groups Tuesday in suing the federal government to block its plan to manage 11.5 million acres of Sierra National Forest, which calls for increased logging. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers in Six Midwestern States Announce Regional Environmental Effort

Legislators from six Midwestern states Tuesday announced a regional effort to enact tougher laws protecting children from environmental dangers. >> Read the Full Article

Tiny Pest Decimating Honeybee Colonies

A tiny pest is decimating honeybee colonies across the country, worrying beekeepers and farmers who depend on the insects to pollinate their crops. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Say Global Warming Hurts Africa

Rising global temperatures will hit Africa's poor the hardest, reducing their ability to deal with disease, feed themselves and earn a living, a scientist told an international conference on climate change Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Carpool Lanes: Not Just for Carpools Anymore

If helping the environment isn't a good enough reason to buy a hybrid car, lawmakers are contemplating a powerful appeal to drivers' self-interest: an easier commute. >> Read the Full Article

Crane Restoration Partners Pledge to Continue Efforts

Bird lovers trying to establish a migrating colony of whooping cranes east of the Mississippi River say they will dedicate at least three to five more years to the project. >> Read the Full Article

Notes from Anna: <i>Collapse</i>, by Jared Diamond

This month, Jared Diamond, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs, And Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, has published his new book, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. >> Read the Full Article

Judge Rules U.S. Government Wrong to Downgrade Wolf from Endangered to Threatened

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that President George W. Bush administration violated the Endangered Species Act when it relaxed protections on many of the United States' gray wolves. >> Read the Full Article

Study Uncovers New Threatened Ecological Hotspots

A global study has identified nine new environmental "hotspots," areas of great ecological diversity that are under threat and together shelter most of the planet's endangered plant and animal species. >> Read the Full Article