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Environmental Group Sues Government over Gas Mileage Rules

An environmental group sued the Bush administration Tuesday over new rules to boost gas mileage requirements for sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, saying the regulations do not go far enough. >> Read the Full Article

Study Says Oregon Power Plant Spreads Haze

A new federal study shows that a coal-burning power plant in Eastern Oregon causes pollution in 10 protected parks and wilderness areas in three states. >> Read the Full Article

Sand Can Be Polluted Even with Clean Water

Beach sand can be teeming with bacteria even when the ocean water is clean, according to a study released on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Rocky Mountain Elk Plan May Cost $18 Million

A 20-year plan to thin the burgeoning elk herd in Rocky Mountain National Park could cost $18 million to kill some animals and disperse others, park officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Japanese Whaling Fleet Departing on Four-Month Expedition

A fleet of four ships was set Tuesday to depart on a four-month expedition to hunt whales for Japan's controversial research whaling program. >> Read the Full Article

China Rare-Tiger Center Expects 100 Births

More than 100 Siberian tigers, one of the rarest animals, are expected to be born this year at a breeding center in China's northeast, an official said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Beijing Wages War Against Termites, Hungry Moths

China's capital is under attack from twin plagues of termites and moths, newspapers reported on Monday, prompting fears for the city's antiquities and concerns that Beijing's "Green Olympics" could be turned brown. >> Read the Full Article

Expert Sees Bird Flu Not Reaching U.S. Soon

Sick poultry and infected people, rather than migratory birds, are more likely to bring the H5N1 bird flu virus into the United States, although that was unlikely to happen soon, a leading virologist said. >> Read the Full Article

Iran Nuclear Plans May Be Environmental Hazard, UAE Says

The United Arab Emirates said on Monday Gulf countries planned to hold talks with Iran over concerns that Tehran's nuclear programme could pose an environmental threat to them. >> Read the Full Article

Earth-Solar Cycle Spurs Greenhouse Gases, Studies Show

Greenhouse gases are known to spur global warming, but scientists said Monday that global warming in turn spurs greenhouse gas emissions -- which means Earth could get hotter faster than climate modcorresponding drop in greenhouse gas emissions, the scientists reported. >> Read the Full Article