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Judge Lifts Injunctions on Oregon Salvage Logging of Nation's Worst 2002 Wildfire

PORTLAND, Oregon — A federal judge has lifted injunctions that had temporarily barred salvage logging from the site of the nation's worst wildfire in 2002, but the legal battle is not yet over. >> Read the Full Article

AEP Plans to Build "Clean-Coal" Plant

COLUMBUS , Ohio — American Electric Power (AEP) said Tuesday it plans to build at least one "clean-coal" plant by 2010 in response to environmentalist and shareholder demands to release pollution-reduction plans. >> Read the Full Article

Appalachian Trail is Vulnerable to New Forest Rules, Environmental Group Claims

WASHINGTON — About one of every 13 miles of the Appalachian Trail between Maine and Georgia passes through national forests where a Bush administration plan could allow clear cutting of wooded areas, an environmental group said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Japanese Government Challenges Court Order to Freeze Massive Land Reclamation Project

TOKYO — The government says it is challenging a district court ruling ordering it to halt a massive land reclamation project in southwestern Japan because it was damaging the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Klamath River Salmon Opponents Inch Toward Compromise

EUREKA, California — Two years after more than 35,000 salmon died on the Klamath River due to low water, the different groups fighting over the future of the area are inching toward a so-far elusive goal: compromise. >> Read the Full Article

Billion-Dollar Asian Reef Fish Industry in Peril

JAKARTA , Indonesia — An insatiable appetite for live reef fish in Asian restaurants is ravaging aquatic stocks in Indonesia , damaging reefs, and threatening the sustainability of a $1 billion industry in the region, a conservation group said. >> Read the Full Article

Technology Already Exists to Stabilize Climate, Say Experts

PRINCETON, New Jersey — Existing technologies could stop the escalation of global warming for 50 years, and work on implementing them can begin immediately, according to an analysis by Princeton University scientists. >> Read the Full Article

Is Agribusiness Making Food Less Nutritious?

Growing evidence indicates that today's fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products have less vitamins and nutrients than in the past. >> Read the Full Article

Gas, Engineering Firm Plans To Invest In Thai Ethanol Plant

BANGKOK, Thailand — Picnic Gas and Engineering Plc is poised to invest 1.7 billion baht to build an ethanol production plant with a capacity of 500,000 litres per day in a bid to become a full energy-networking company within the next three years. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: Do urban trees really help reduce pollution and clean the air?

Dear EarthTalk: Do urban trees really help reduce pollution and clean the air? Find out the answer to this question and others in this segment of EarthTalk. >> Read the Full Article