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On <I>Beyond Organic</I>: Farming in the City

For the low-income urban farmers of South Central Los Angeles, creating a 14-acre community garden has been a life changing opportunity. >> Read the Full Article

China Adds Pollution to List of Exports

The country's leaders are only starting to grapple with the political fall-out at home after years of pursuing economic expansion at almost any price. >> Read the Full Article

NAFTA Panel Finds Mexico Slow to Respond to Illicit Logging on Indian Lands

Rogue loggers are taking advantage of slow-reacting authorities, mountainous terrain and even language barriers to clear-cut trees on Indian lands in northern Mexico. >> Read the Full Article

Marine Water Invaders on Most Wanted List

The sea slime alarm was sounded in 2002. Scientists discovered small, dense mats of a strange gooey creature on the ocean floor more than 100 miles offshore. >> Read the Full Article

Hong Kong Urges Public to Give Used Currency as Gifts during Lunar New Year

Hong Kong is urging people to eschew the tradition of stuffing crisp new bank notes into red envelopes given away as gifts during the Lunar New Year holiday that begins this month. >> Read the Full Article

Expert Says Resources Needed for Montana Bears

A federal grizzly bear expert contends wildlife managers desperately need more resources to monitor the threatened bears in northwestern Montana. >> Read the Full Article

Sydney Climate Talks Unaffected by Cancellations

Cancelled visits to Australia by U.S. Secretary of State Condolezza Rice and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso will not affect six-nation climate talks set for this week. >> Read the Full Article

China to Spend $3.3 Billion on Songhua River Cleanup

China has earmarked 26.6 billion yuan ($3.3 bln) to make water from its recently poisoned Songhua river drinkable by 2010, the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Fishermen Say Chinook Salmon Are Smaller

Tanana fisherman Charlie Campbell doesn't need scientific studies or empirical data to prove Yukon River chinook salmon -- the mighty king of the species -- are getting smaller. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Program to Reduce Oil Consumption Increases It

A federal push for cars that run on an alternative fuel straight from the heartland isn't winning many converts among American drivers -- but is a hit with automakers who use it to skirt mileage standards. >> Read the Full Article