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Public Outcry Blocks Marina Project that Threatens Coral on Idyllic Malaysian Island

A public outcry has temporarily blocked a multimillion dollar marina project that environmentalists say threatens to destroy a delicate coral reef at one of Southeast Asia's favorite diving spots. >> Read the Full Article

North Korea Says Blast Was for Hydroelectric Project

A huge explosion in North Korea last week was a deliberate blast to pave the way for a hydroelectric dam, Pyongyang said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

NOAA Fisheries Files New Columbia Basin Salmon Plan with Court

By spending $6 billion on improvements over the next 10 years, the Columbia Basin's federal hydroelectric dams can be operated without jeopardizing the survival of threatened and endangered salmon, the government said in a report. >> Read the Full Article

Blair to Press on Climate Change, Challenge Bush

Britain's Tony Blair will make an uncompromising speech on climate change on Tuesday, urging the world to act in concert and pressing Washington to change its stance. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Scrambles to Save Its Disappearing Savanna

Brazil launched an emergency plan recently to save what remains of its vast tropical savanna, much of which has been cleared for farming in recent decades. >> Read the Full Article

Interior Secretary Orders Utah Rivers Protected from New Mining Claims

Interior Secretary Gail Norton approved an order recently that prohibits mining companies from making claims on nearly 200 miles of scenic rivers in southeastern Utah. >> Read the Full Article

The Truth About Garbage

Ashes to ashes: The cycle of life returns human bodies to the soil, where they decompose and eventually return to new life as a tulip or perhaps as an apple (unless they've been embalmed, but that's another story). >> Read the Full Article

Captain and First Mate of Uruguayan Fishing Boat Are Fined for Poaching Chilean Sea Bass

The captain and first mate of a Uruguayan fishing boat were fined 30,000 Australian dollars (US$20,700; euro 17,000) each recently, after pleading guilty to poaching prized Chilean sea bass from Australian waters. >> Read the Full Article

Green Meeting in Brazil to Propose Environmental Court

A meeting this week sponsored by major energy companies will propose creating an international court to assess and punish environmental crimes, organizers said. >> Read the Full Article

Stronger Ivan Eyes Cuba After Slamming Caymans

Hurricane Ivan, leaving a trail of battered islands and at least 68 dead in a rampage across the Caribbean, churned closer to Cuba Monday with 160-mph winds, on a path that could take it to U.S. shores. >> Read the Full Article