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U.S. Firmly Anti-Kyoto as U.N. Climate Talks Start

The United States showed no signs of budging in its opposition to the Kyoto protocol Monday as U.N. climate change talks began, a month after President Bush's reelection and Russia's ratification of the agreement. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Workers' Group Says EPA Censors Comments

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency censored warnings that a Bush administration plan to build roads in national forests could harm drinking water, a group representing government workers said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Durham, N.C., 'Tinkerer' Recycles Automotive Antifreeze, Sells it Back to Shops

All but worthless in itself, used motor oil became valuable enough 20 years ago that a network developed to link auto repair shops with re-refiners who turned waste oil into fuel or an ingredient in asphalt. >> Read the Full Article

Riverview, Fla., Fertilizer Plant Digs in To Prevent Spills

Bulldozers and dump trucks are moving thousands of tons of earth at the former Cargill phosphate processing plant, hoping to prevent a recurrence of the wastewater spill triggered by Hurricane Frances. >> Read the Full Article

Bangor, Maine, Approves Switch to Biodiesel Fuel

This time next winter, exhaust from the city buses idling in Pickering Square will smell like popcorn, thanks to the vegetable-based fuel in their gas tanks, the city announced Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Bakersfield, Calif., Shell Refinery Reaches Pact with EPA to Stay Open

The Shell Bakersfield Refinery on Rosedale Highway has received a stay of execution. >> Read the Full Article

The Week Ahead: Dec. 6 - Dec. 10, 2004

Environmental Conferences and Events, Dec. 6 - Dec. 10, 2004 >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: Do You Have Any Tips for Saving Energy in My Home?

A University of Michigan study estimates that the average American household could reduce its energy bills by 65 percent and, over the home's lifetime, save $52,000 if it maximized energy efficiency. >> Read the Full Article

Interior Department Finds Sage Grouse Outlook Less Than Dire

Interior Department biologists have recommended against adding the sage grouse to the U.S. endangered species list, a determination that could wind up benefiting natural gas and oil producers but add to environmentalists' concerns. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Projects Hazardous Waste Sites Growing in Number and Cleanup Costs

At the current pace of cleanup work, it could take up to 35 years and $280 billion to fix most of the nation's existing and yet-to-be-discovered hazardous waste sites, the government said Friday. >> Read the Full Article