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Energy Bill Won't Ease Fuel Prices Quickly, Bush Says

House Democrats on Wednesday criticized an $8 billion energy bill they said favored big oil companies and President Bush acknowledged the legislation would do nothing to immediately ease record gasoline prices. >> Read the Full Article

Japanese, Russian Leaders Meet to Discuss Siberian Oil Pipeline

Senior Japanese and Russian officials met Thursday to discuss a proposal to build a 4,100-kilometer (2,550-mile) crude oil pipeline from Siberia to Russia's Pacific Coast, from where oil could be shipped to energy-hungry consumers in Japan. >> Read the Full Article

Salmon Fishing Halted on Columbia River Amid Concern about Chinook Population

An agency that regulates the West Coast's biggest river has halted sport and commercial fishing for three kinds of fish after scientists became alarmed about a mysterious collapse in the population of salmon. >> Read the Full Article

Recycler Shows Off Plant

The solution to Sullivan County's trash woes might just be found in some cutting-edge technology being developed by Taylor Recycling Facility. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Land Conflicts Worst in Decades, Report Says

Land battles in Brazil's countryside reached the highest level in at least 20 years in 2004 as activists clashed with farmers and loggers advancing on savanna and Amazon rain forest, a nongovernmental group said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

West's Water Troubles Getting Worse, Officials Say

Entering the sixth year of a record dry spell in much of the West is bad enough. But what really worries the head of the federal agency that delivers water to more than 30 million people and 10 million acres of farmland is what happens when the region's precipitation returns to normal. >> Read the Full Article

Chilean Report Links Copec Pulp Plant to Dead Swans

The Valdivia wood pulp plant, owned by the forestry arm of Chile's biggest industrial group Copec, seriously polluted a wetlands sanctuary, causing the deaths of black-necked swans, said an official report published Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Old Growth Up, Spotted Owl Numbers Down

Ten years after the Northwest Forest Plan sharply reduced logging on national forests in the region, the amount of old growth forest is up but northern spotted owl populations are down and with no clear reason why, scientists reported Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says Ships' Tainted Ballast Water Threatens Great Lakes with Foreign Organisms

Oceangoing freighters that claim to be empty of ballast water before entering the Great Lakes routinely carry organisms that endanger the water bodies, a new report shows. >> Read the Full Article

Canadian Inuit Leader Wins Norway's Sophie Environment Prize

Canadian Inuit leader Sheila Watt-Cloutier won the 2005 Sophia environment prize Wednesday for drawing attention to the impact of climate change and pollution on the traditional lifestyles of the Arctic's indigenous people and others. >> Read the Full Article