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Michigan Works to Restore Moose Population

Known only as Moose No. 173, she wandered for years in the swamplands and forests of Michigan's far north before dropping dead at the foot of a black spruce tree and disappearing over the next week beneath a blanket of snow. >> Read the Full Article

Oceans Getting Louder; Effects Unclear

High-profile whale beachings have been linked to sonar blasts and sparked fierce public debate over the military's use of sound in national defense. But a broader concern for scientists is rising levels of ocean background noise, much of it generated by commercial shipping, and whether it interferes with the way the entire sea has operated for eons. >> Read the Full Article

Peru Judge Orders Cleanup of Town Polluted by U.S.-Based Metals Producer

Environmentalists declared victory Friday after winning a preliminary civil court ruling ordering health officials to alleviate toxic emissions in La Oroya, a bleak, smoke-choked town where U.S.-based Doe Run Co. operates a metallurgical plant. >> Read the Full Article

United Technologies Touts Environment Record

United Technologies Corp. is going green, among other things. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Presents "Sky Tour"

ENN is thrilled to bring you a very special presentation: "Sky Tour," a personal tour of the night sky, hosted by ENN publisher Jerry Kay and featuring your tour guide Bing Quock of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. >> Read the Full Article

Eggs Hatching for Aurora the Octopus

Aurora -- with all eight of her arms -- held tight to her dream of motherhood. The aging Giant Pacific octopus, a resident of the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, embraced her maternal instinct and was rewarded this week as her eggs finally began hatching. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Sees Threat from Soil in Chinese Toy Guns

Canada said Thursday it was ordering the recall of 21,000 Chinese-made toy guns because the weapons contained soil which could contaminate crops and forests. >> Read the Full Article

Wholphin -- Part Whale, Part Dolphin -- Born in Captivity in Hawaii

A rare whale-dolphin mix has given birth to a playful female calf, said officials at a Hawaii water life park. >> Read the Full Article

Baby Rhino Named for Designer Marc Ecko

Designer Marc Ecko, who made a rhino logo into a fashion statement, now has a zoo rhino named in his honor. >> Read the Full Article