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U.S. May Remove Bald Eagles from Endangered List

Citing a dramatic increase in the number of bald eagles, the head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a plan that could remove the national symbol from protections under the federal Endangered Species Act. >> Read the Full Article

Two Lost Worlds Give Us Hope -- A Guest Commentary

Two lost worlds were in the news last week. One was discovered halfway around the world, but the other is right here in Canada. >> Read the Full Article

Oxford Seeks PC Users to Help Map Climate Change

Scientists set out on Tuesday to harness the power of home computers to predict climate change more accurately than ever before. >> Read the Full Article

Government May Lose Billions in Oil, Gas Royalties Because of 1995 Law

Despite record profits, oil and gas producers may avoid billions of dollars in royalty payments to the government because of a decade-old law designed to spur production when energy prices are low. >> Read the Full Article

Early California Was Native American Killing Field

Ancient Native Americans hunted some species of birds and fish almost to extinction in parts of California, according to research that challenges the Utopian myth that native people always lived in harmony with the land. >> Read the Full Article

India Searches for Ways to Head off Extinction of its Endangered Tigers

As many as 100,000 tigers are thought to have roamed India 100 years ago. Based on a 2001 census, officials estimate there are just 3,500 tigers left, but conservation activists believe there are far fewer. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil's President Creates New Forest Reserves in Amazon

Brazil has created two new national parks in the Amazon rain forest and expanded another to preserve an environmentally sensitive region next to where the government plans to pave a major road. >> Read the Full Article

Prompt Action Urged on Pakistan Landslide Threat

Landslides present a substantial threat to survivors of last October's catastrophic earthquake in Pakistan and urgent action is needed ahead of summer rains to prevent large-scale loss of life, experts say. >> Read the Full Article

Nothing Shelled out for Beaches

President Bush's proposed budget doesn't include money to restore a single grain of sand to North Carolina's eroding coastline. Once again, getting the money comes down to lobbying Congress. >> Read the Full Article

Indian Court Orders New Panel for 'Toxic' Ship

India's Supreme Court on Monday ordered a new panel be set up to investigate whether a "toxic" French warship should be let into India to be broken for scrap, after a committee failed to make a firm recommendation. >> Read the Full Article