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Federal Grants Fund Suburban Bobcats Study

In Vermont, state wildlife biologist Mark Freeman and his colleague Olivia LeMaistre are trying to determine how a species that's typically wary of humans is faring as development expands into rural areas. >> Read the Full Article

California Frog at Center of Protection Debate

The national debate over protecting fragile species comes to life here, where upscale housing developments push ever deeper into the rumpled blanket of grassy hills at the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay area. >> Read the Full Article

Across Asia, Governments Look to Crops to Offest Oil Dependence

All across Asia, governments are searching for crops that can help them offset a dependence on imported oil that can only skyrocket as their economies soar. >> Read the Full Article

A Short History of Environmentalism

(By Tensie Whelan) Environmentalists anticipate Earth Day all year, and then we're secretly relieved when it’s over. It seems to represent our dearest aspirations, and some of our best opportunities for media coverage, and yet compresses them impossibly into one, reductive, feel-good day a year. >> Read the Full Article

Flock of Endangered Birds Found in Cambodia

A flock of one of the world's most endangered birds -- the white-shouldered ibis -- has been discovered in a remote province in northeast Cambodia, a conservationist said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Hundreds of Families in Brazil Evacuate Plantation of Major Wood-Pulp Producer

Hundreds of families in the northeastern state of Bahia vacated the eucalyptus plantation of a major Brazilian wood-pulp producer Thursday after being assured they would be compensated with land. >> Read the Full Article

Ten States, DC Sue EPA over Power Plant Emissions

Ten states plus New York City and Washington, D.C., sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Thursday, claiming newly adopted emissions standards do not do enough to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. >> Read the Full Article

Israel to Join Anti-Whaling Coalition Alongside U.S., Australia

Israel has decided to join the coalition of anti-whaling nations that oppose motions to increase whale hunting quotas, the Foreign Ministry and U.S. Embassy confirmed Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says U.S. Air Quality Has Improved in Past Decade

U.S. residents can breathe a bit easier than they did a decade ago, as the number of days that air quality was deemed unhealthy has fallen, according to a report by the American Lung Association Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Parasite Seen as Likely Cause of Starfish Kill North of Vancouver

Hundreds of starfish have been found dead on a beach on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, and a scientist says a nonnative parasite is likely to blame. >> Read the Full Article