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NASA Rounds up Roadkill for Shuttle Safety

NASA has set up what it calls a "road kill posse" to quickly clear as many carcasses as possible from the 6,000-acre site, in hopes of encouraging the vulture population to relocate by cutting off its food supply. >> Read the Full Article

Food for Thought from ENN Radio Guests

The six guests who join Jerry Kay for this week’s ENN Radio program offer particularly fascinating points of view on topics ranging from climate to eco-friendly design. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: April 24th - 28th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news April 24th - 28th: Diplomats go green, Canada breaks from Kyoto, Cape Cod debates wind farms, glaciers keep on melting, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

Turkish Parliament Passes Law Enabling Stiffer Fines for Polluting Environment

Turkey's parliament on Wednesday passed a law enabling authorities to issue stiffer fines for those who pollute the environment, including the dumping of toxic waste. >> Read the Full Article

London's U.S. Diplomats Gradually Going Green

U.S. President George Bush may be unconvinced about the human contribution to global warming but his diplomats in Britain are going green with a vengeance to cut both costs and carbon emissions. >> Read the Full Article

'Say You’re Sorry' -- A Guest Commentary

My kids deserve an apology from the global warming “skeptics.” For longer than my kids have been alive, these skeptics have intentionally muddied the climate change debate, confusing the public, misleading policymakers, and successfully delaying any meaningful action to develop solutions. >> Read the Full Article

Malaysian PM Says Billions Lost to Environmental Degradation, Unchecked Logging

Malaysia's prime minister said environmental degradation and unchecked logging have cost the country billions of ringgit (dollars), adding that rehabilitating natural resources in one of the world's most bio-diverse countries would be difficult. >> Read the Full Article

Alabama, North Dakota Power Plants Agree to New Pollution Controls

Power plant operators in Alabama and North Dakota have agreed to spend more than $300 million to reduce pollution and settle charges of Clean Air Act violations. >> Read the Full Article

'Green' Roof Unveiled by U.S. Architect Group Showcases Global Trend

An architectural organization unveiled a new "green" roof for its own building Wednesday to showcase a trend toward environmentally-friendly technology. >> Read the Full Article

Cape Cod Debates First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm

A plan to build the the world largest offshore wind-power farm off Massachusetts is dividing residents of the Cape Cod resort region, in a debate involving million-dollar ocean views, migrating birds and soaring energy bills. >> Read the Full Article