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Snakes Have Interesting Habits, Researchers Say

It may not matter to people who hate snakes, but researchers at Washington University have discovered that rattlers are adaptable and have some interesting habits. >> Read the Full Article

Massachusetts Extends Shellfishing Limits to Federal Waters Due to Toxic Red Tide

An outbreak of toxic red tide algae that has shut down most shellfishing from Maine to Massachusetts also forced state officials to close federal waters, extending the affected area by thousands of square miles. >> Read the Full Article

Arizona Officials May Import Endangered Owls

Wildlife officials are considering importing endangered owls from Mexico to boost the dwindling population in Arizona. To protect endangered cactus ferruginous pygmy owls, development already has been slowed or altered on thousands of acres of old-growth, ironwood-saguaro forest. >> Read the Full Article

House Committee to Subpoena Worker in Yucca Mountain Investigation

A congressional committee will subpoena a former worker on the Yucca Mountain project who is at the center of a controversy over document falsification at the proposed nuclear waste dump. >> Read the Full Article

WWF Says Japan Scientific Whaling a Sham

Japan should stop harpooning whales for scientific research, the WWF environmental group said on Monday in a report denouncing the slaughter as a cover-up for commercial sales of the mammals' meat. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Supreme Court Announces Ruling in Texas Environmental Cleanup Case

The Texas Supreme Court today decided a case of first impression over the "arranger liability" provision of the Texas Solid Waste Disposal Act. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Mayors Agree to Adhere to Kyoto Pact

The U.S. Conference of Mayors unanimously passed a resolution Monday requiring their cities to try to meet or surpass emissions standards set by the Kyoto Protocol, the international global-warming treaty ratified earlier this year without the United States. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Cave Crawfish Spurs Environment Study

The rare cave crawfish, which lives in an area near Elm Springs, Arkansas, has spurred a study of the nearby environment in the hope of preventing development-related changes to the ecosystem that enables the blind crustacean to survive. >> Read the Full Article

Farmer Cuts Herbicide Bill by Adding Soybean Oil to His Weed Killers

At first, Gene Hood was skeptical. A friend and fellow farmer in Indiana was adding soybean oil to his herbicides. By doing so, he was able to cut back on the amount of weed killers he sprayed on his fields. >> Read the Full Article

Study Shows Fertilizers Harm Freshwater Lakes

Farmers' routine application of chemical fertilizers and manure to the land poses a far greater environmental problem to freshwater lakes than previously thought, potentially polluting the water for hundreds of years, according to research published Monday. >> Read the Full Article