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Forest Service Says No More Environmental Analysis of Forest Plans

Long-term management plans for national forests will no longer go through a formal environmental impact statement, the U.S. Forest Service announced Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

For Ecologically Sensitive Americans, a Way to Pay the Way out of Global Warming Guilt

As anxiety over global climate change rises, a growing number of companies and nonprofit groups are offering eco-conscious consumers a chance to compensate the planet for the carbon emissions they generate when they drive, fly, use electricity or heat their homes. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Change Catching Voter Attention around World

Mainstream parties in Germany, Britain, France, Canada, the United States and Austria believe tackling climate change is a vote winner while established Green parties in Germany and Austria are experiencing a renaissance. >> Read the Full Article

Colombia Restarts Coca Fumigation Near Ecuador

Colombia Monday resumed spraying herbicides on illegal crops used to make cocaine along the country's border with Ecuador, a move opposed by Ecuador's incoming president. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Prolongs Life of Space Debris

Human increases in carbon dioxide emissions are thinning the Earth's outer atmosphere, making it easier to keep the space station aloft but prolonging the life of dangerous space debris, scientists said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Illegal Hunting 'Wiping Out Mongolia's Mammals'

Illegal hunting and trade is pushing some Mongolian animals like the snow leopard to the brink of extinction, conservationists warned on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Botswana's Bushmen Await Land Rights Verdict

A Botswana court will decide this week whether hundreds of San Bushmen can return to their ancestral land in a dispute activists say pits Africa's last hunter gatherers against the world's hunger for diamonds. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Lawmaker Aims to Allow the Blind to Hunt

Texas State Representative Edmund Kuempel has introduced a measure that would allow blind people to hunt any game that sighted people can currently pursue. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Mull Plan to Save Red Squirrel

Like U.S. GIs during World War II, they're "oversexed and over here." The gray squirrel -- introduced to Britain from the United States in the 19th century -- is now overrunning the countryside, out-breeding and out-eating its smaller British cousin, the red squirrel. >> Read the Full Article

California to Limit Lawnmower Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency granted California long-awaited permission Monday to slash emissions from lawnmowers and other small-engine machines, a change it will seek nationally next year. >> Read the Full Article