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Scientist Examines City Squirrels' Lives

Squirrels hit the genetic lottery with their chubby cheeks and bushy tails. It's hard to imagine picnickers tossing peanuts and cookies at the rodents if they looked like rats. >> Read the Full Article

In Epochal Shift, Half Humanity to Become Urban

With the world poised to enter an urban age when more people will live in cities than in the countryside, Josiah Tobiko sees no need to move from his cow dung-covered hut in rural Kenya. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Marvel at Sea Life Miles Deep

Peering deep into the sea, scientists are finding creatures more mysterious than many could have imagined. At one site, shrimp were living around a vent that was releasing water heated to 765 degrees Fahrenheit. >> Read the Full Article

December 4th - 8th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news December 4th - 8th: Wakeful bears, bird flu questions, the cell phone-cancer link, a greener Victoria's Secret catalog, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

Amazon Dam Project Draws Heated Opposition in Brazil

Rubber tappers, fishermen and Indians in western Brazil have joined environmental groups in battling a planned $9 billion hydroelectric project that will flood one of the Amazon's main tributaries. >> Read the Full Article

Punched, Beaten Hollywood Chimps Head for Sanctuary

Three Hollywood chimpanzees, said to have been punched and beaten to make them perform, will spend the rest of their lives in an animal sanctuary in an cruelty lawsuit settlement, an animal rights group said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

France's Sarkozy Spruces Up His Green Credentials

French presidential contender Nicolas Sarkozy outlined his environmental policies on Thursday in an effort to court the green vote ahead of the 2007 presidential election. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Police Arrest Forced Labor Suspects

Police raided a poor settlement in central Brazil Thursday and arrested landowners suspected of environmental crimes and labor abuse in making charcoal from illegally felled timber. >> Read the Full Article

Can Canada Liberals Win Election on Green Issues?

Canadian voters look set to face stark choices in a federal election likely next year, as tax-cutting Conservatives face off against a new-look Liberal Party that will put the environment at the top of its agenda. >> Read the Full Article

Deal on Tax Breaks Thursday Opens Way for Expanded Gulf Drilling

An agreement on a tax package Thursday moved Congress closer to opening a vast area in the Gulf of Mexico, 125 miles south of Florida's panhandle, to oil and gas drilling. >> Read the Full Article