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Students in England Show off European Project to Design Two-Seat, Three-Wheel Concept Car

Students at the University of Bath in western England, who on Monday unveiled the prototype of the CLEVER (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport), hope that it represents a greener future for transport. >> Read the Full Article

Dam Researcher among Environmental Prize Winners

A Chinese researcher who prompted officials to give greater thought to building dams and an activist who exposed timber plunder in Liberia were two of six recipients Monday of one of the world's most prominent environmental awards. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Behind Record 2005 Storms, U.S. Expert Says

A leading U.S. government storm researcher said Monday that the record hurricane season last year can be attributed to global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Energy Bill Aimed at Smarter Energy Consumption

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was established in part to help the U.S. better manage its energy consumption and incorporates incentives for American consumers to embrace new energy-conscious technologies and products. >> Read the Full Article

Power Plant Waste Eyed for Green Building

Coal-burning power plants spend millions disposing of fly ash, a fine powder loaded with mercury, lead and other toxic chemicals. Henry Liu has a solution to the quandary of fly ash disposal: He wants to bring it into our homes and offices. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Seek Clues to Dying Steelhead

Steelhead, which are similar to rainbow trout but spend much of their lives in the ocean and return to rivers to spawn, have such complex life cycles that unraveling the mystery of their decline is difficult. >> Read the Full Article

Study Indicates Mormon Crickets Invade to Survive

The threat of being eaten could drive the march of Mormon crickets as they munch their way across millions of acres in the arid West, new research suggests. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Offers Schwarzenegger Help on California Levees

President Bush and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger put aside their differences in a show of Republican solidarity Friday after Bush approved federal help to shore up the state's fragile levee system. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Taps Private Sector to Fix Greenhouse Pollution

Delegates from six of the world's biggest greenhouse gas polluters -- including the United States -- gathered last week for the first time to figure out how private industry can help curb global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Asian Pollution May Harm Washington Air

Pollution from Asian power plants and smoke from burning Siberian forests may be adding to poor air quality in Washington state, scientists say. >> Read the Full Article