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Hawaii Crews Vacuum Up Invasive Algae

Marine researchers in Hawaii discovered a new way to clean ocean water from invasive algae -- sucking them up with an underwater vacuum. >> Read the Full Article

Oregon Commision OKs Plan to Control Cougars

With worries about Oregon's growing cougar population on the rise, the state Fish and Wildlife Commission unanimously approved a plan to reduce the cats' numbers in places where they conflict with people and livestock. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Island Town Overrun with Iguanas

Death and taxes may be life's only certainties, but for folks in one upscale island town, add iguanas. And another tax. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: April 10th - 14th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news April 10th - 14th: Coral bleaching, global warming-resistant rice, green technology opportunities, polar bears in peril, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

Education Imperative Motivates This Week's ENN Radio Guests

With expertise in everything from astronomy to warming, the five guests featured on this week’s ENN Radio program with Jerry Kay share the conviction that education is key to a healthy environment. >> Read the Full Article

China Villagers Attack Polluting Factories

About 200 Chinese villagers, angry over pollution of their water supply, attacked three factories and a sewage treatment plant, a Hong Kong newspaper said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

New Species of Stingray Discovered in Thai river

A new species of freshwater stingray has been discovered in a river in western Thailand, but its chances for long-term survival are slim, a report said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Maple Sugar Maker Uses Soybean Fuel to Produce Syrup

Maple sugar maker Glenn Goodrich is using a mixture of petroleum oil and a fuel derived from soybeans to boil sap into syrup and to determine if the biofuel causes any adverse effects. >> Read the Full Article

FCC Rejects Call to Halt Telecom Towers for Birds

The Federal Communications Commission Wednesday dismissed a request from environmental groups to halt construction of communications towers in the Gulf Coast region until steps are taken to protect millions of migratory birds. >> Read the Full Article

In New Orleans, a Big Green Opportunity is Wasted, Environmentalists Say

In the rush to rebuild, this hurricane-smashed city is dumping its debris into the swamps by the truckload -- and throwing away an opportunity to turn America's costliest natural disaster into the nation's greatest recycling effort. >> Read the Full Article