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India, U.S. Agree to Push Defense, Energy Ties

India and the United States have agreed to a series of steps to boost defense and energy ties, the foreign ministry said, as Washington announced it would sell F-16 fighters to Pakistan. >> Read the Full Article

Pakistan Seize Indian Fishing Trawlers with 70 Tons of Tuna

Pakistan's coast guard seized two Indian fishing trawlers with crew members from India, the Philippines, China and Thailand in Pakistani waters and seized the ships' cargo of 70 tons of tuna, officials said Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

In Texas Town Raised on Oil, Leaky Pipeline at Center of Growing Legal Action

The bulldozer clawed at the East Texas earth, uprooting an old, abandoned gas pipeline beneath the site of a new mobile home park and, in the process, uncovering something more. The soil released a strange, powerful odor that burned throats, turned stomachs and hung in the air for weeks. >> Read the Full Article

Demand for Organic Grains on Rise

The U.S. Department of Agriculture makes no claims organically-grown food is safer or more nutritious than food conventionally raised, but plenty of people believe it. And, they're willing to pay a premium for it. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricane Ivan Caused Sand Loss, Expert Says

New measurements of Hurricane Ivan's erosion of beaches, dunes and barrier islands along the Gulf of Mexico underscore how vulnerable the American shoreline is to such storms, a U.S. Geological Survey oceanographer says. >> Read the Full Article

The Myth of Nonprofit Inefficiency -- An ENN Commentary

Rarely a month goes by when those of us working for environmental nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) do not hear the comment that nonprofit organizations are not as well run as businesses. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Park Scrambles to Feed Hungry Pandas

A nature reserve in western China is cooking up plans to find new food and feeding sites for hungry pandas because swathes of the bears' favourite snack, bamboo, are on the verge of flowering and withering away, the China Daily said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Asia Needs Tsunami Warning System, Disaster Education, Experts Say

An Asia-wide early warning system for tsunamis must be accompanied by educational campaigns on how to respond to all natural disasters in the region, environment officials said Monday at a U.N.-sponsored conference. >> Read the Full Article

Yucca Mountain Woes Giving Push to Alternate Plans for Nuclear Waste Storage

As problems mount with the government's plan to open a national nuclear waste dump in Nevada, lawmakers and industry officials are increasingly pushing for a Plan B. >> Read the Full Article

Tiger Future Not Burning Bright in India

It was once one of the favorite hunting grounds of India's royalty. Flamboyant maharajahs in natty breeches combed the sprawling Sariska forest nestled in the low-lying Aravali hills in the desert state of Rajasthan, hunting for the many tigers that roamed the jungle. >> Read the Full Article