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G-8 Environment Ministers Discuss Illegal Logging

The impact of extreme weather on African communities and the environmental threat of illegal logging were expected to top the agenda Thursday at the start of a two-day meeting of environment ministers from the Group of Eight industrialized nations. >> Read the Full Article

Damaging Alien Snail Found in Georgia

A voracious, fast-breeding South American snail that is a problem in four states and Indonesia has been discovered for the first time in Georgia, officials say. >> Read the Full Article

Mich. Moose Population Slump Continues

Mercilessly hounded by blood-sucking ticks, the Isle Royale moose herd is on a downward spiral -- and the wolf packs that roam the national park in Lake Superior are taking advantage. >> Read the Full Article

Experimental Flock Loses Whooping Crane

An experimental flock of whooping cranes has lost one of its youngest members to a Florida bobcat but could be on the verge of producing chicks in the wild for the first time. >> Read the Full Article

UNESCO Designates Vietnam's Cat Ba Archipelago a Biosphere Reserve

Vietnam's Cat Ba archipelago has been designated as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO, a move expected to help preserve the area's natural resources amid expanding tourism and development, officials said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Idaho Senate Finalizes Historic Water Agreement

The state Legislature has ratified a historic agreement between the Nez Perce Indian Tribe, the federal government and the state's water users, setting water policy in Idaho for the next 30 years. >> Read the Full Article

China Takes Over as Leading Consumer -- An ENN Commentary

Although the United States has long consumed the lion's share of the world's resources, this situation is changing fast as the Chinese economy surges ahead, overtaking the United States in the consumption of one resource after another. >> Read the Full Article

Stress May Bring Sumatra Quake, Experts Say

A buildup of stress on faults in Sumatra is likely to trigger another large earthquake -- and potentially another tsunami -- in the Indian Ocean region, seismologists say. >> Read the Full Article

Poacher Turns Protector to Save Elephants in Africa

Desire Dontego is no longer an elephant poacher but he can still boast like one. "I was known as the killing machine," he declared after darkness fell in the Cameroon rainforest, the constant chirping of insects the only sound apart from his voice. >> Read the Full Article

Study Says Ravens Thriving in Alaska Oil Fields

At least one animal appears to be benefiting from oil development in Alaska's North Slope -- the common raven -- according to one new study. >> Read the Full Article