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Consultants Aid Rebirth of Polluted Sites

Thirty years ago, New Jersey was littered with abandoned industries that not only scarred the landscape but also drained the pocketbooks of the companies that owned the polluted land. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Split over Restrictions on Car Emissions

The two Canadian ministers negotiating with car makers over cuts in emissions are split on what to do, with one favoring binding restrictions and the other saying he wants the talks to continue. >> Read the Full Article

Umbra Schools a Student Who Needs Sturdy, Eco-Friendly Bags

An energetic high-school activist tells Umbra he's in desperate need of eco-friendly, reusable bags -- of the large and cheap variety -- so he and his green-leaning peers can collect used paper for their school recycling club. In spite of her New Year's resolution not to answer any more recycling questions, Umbra succumbs to her young supplicant's charm and saves the day with sage advice -- in Ask Umbra, today on the Grist Magazine website. >> Read the Full Article

Bear Hunting Debate Shifts to Outlawing Traps

It seems that legislators aren't ready to let go of last fall's failed referendum proposing a ban on bear hunting with bait, dogs and traps, as more than a dozen bills proposing changes to Maine's bear hunt are on tap for the 122nd Legislature. >> Read the Full Article

ConocoPhillips Reaches Clean Air Settlement Requiring $525 Million in Pollution Controls

ConocoPhillips will install $525 million in pollution controls at nine refineries and pay a $4.5 million fine to settle a federal lawsuit alleging Clean Air Act violations, the Bush administration announced Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Nordic Countries Claim Four of Top Five Spots in Environmental Sustainability Survey

The Nordic countries ranked highest in environmental sustainability, a survey released Friday at the World Economic Forum reported. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Sue Feds To Stop Mining Companies from Dumping Mountain Tops into Valleys

Environmentalists have sued the federal government in an attempt to stop coal mining companies from lopping off the tops of mountains and dumping the rocks and dirt into valleys. >> Read the Full Article

Endangered Condors Return to Andes Skies

Timidly taking its first steps in the wild, the young condor perches on a rocky plateau as a hot breeze swirls upward from the barren Patagonian landscape. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Sue To Stop Logging of Sequoias, Other Trees at California National Monument

Environmentalists sued the federal government Thursday over plans to log in central California's Giant Sequoia National Monument, home to two-thirds of the world's largest trees. >> Read the Full Article

Tyson Foods Agrees to Monitor Level of Ammonia Emissions

On Wednesday, Tyson Foods agreed to monitor poultry operations across the region for ammonia emissions and to report the results of its findings to the Sierra Club. >> Read the Full Article