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Interior Secretary Eyes Potential for Sage Grouse to Disrupt Development

Despite millions in federal spending for private landowners to set aside acreage for a rare grouse species, Interior Secretary Gale Norton sees "very significant potential" for the bird to disrupt plans to tap natural gas and oil in the West. >> Read the Full Article

Golf Courses Make Good Homes for Birds

A new study shows that golf courses can be good homes for more than one kind of birdie. >> Read the Full Article

Americans, Europeans May Never Agree When it Comes to Fuel-Efficient Cars

In America, $2-a-gallon gas is still new, and they're lining up for a car called the Toyota Prius that will get an honest 44 miles per gallon. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Sue over Snowmobile Plan in Yellowstone National Park

Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit over the National Park Service's plan for allowing snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park for the next three winters. >> Read the Full Article

Expo on Eco-Building Focuses on Turning Portland, Ore., 'Green'

Portland has long enjoyed a reputation for being "green" -- environmentally conscious. But more than 5,000 of the greenest of the green will judge for themselves at the nation's leading eco-friendly building conference. >> Read the Full Article

Pollution in Southern China Exceeds U.S. Standards, Study Says

Air pollution levels in China's industrial Pearl River Delta are two to five times higher than U.S. air quality standards, a Hong Kong think tank said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Biodiesel Offers Potential Environmental, Economic Benefits

The message at a biodiesel conference held at the Georgia Farm Bureau on Tuesday was simple: Georgia is ripe for creating a successful new fuel industry. >> Read the Full Article

Projected Tab for Wastewater Cleanup Set at $305 Million in Missouri

Sewer services in Missouri are bound to become more expensive: A state analysis predicts private and public wastewater-treatment operators could spend $305 million to comply with new requirements to disinfect effluent. >> Read the Full Article

Congo Mine, Source of Atom Bombs, Stays Shut, Says U.N.

A mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo that provided uranium for the U.S. atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 -- the first nuclear weapons used in warfare -- is too dangerous to reopen, the United Nations said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Faults Boston-Area communities on Charles River Pipes

The US Environmental Protection Agency yesterday ordered four municipalities along the Charles River to remove what officials described as illicit pipes discharging raw sewage into the murky river. >> Read the Full Article