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New York Authorities Battle Intruding Snakehead Fish

The snakehead fish, a voracious predator from Asia, has taken up residence in a lake in New York, and experts are mulling options, including salt and poison, to evict it. Snakeheads, which can grow to about three feet long , have the capacity to ravage the local fish population. >> Read the Full Article

The New White House Orthodoxy: Green Is Good

The Kyoto Protocol? Darling, that was so last century. Even the Japanese, who founded it, have moved on to the next big thing. The plastic wristbands aren't yet printed, but the new logo is ready: growth is green. >> Read the Full Article

South Korean Scientists Clone First Dog

South Korea's pioneering stem cell scientist has cloned a dog, smashing another biological barrier and reigniting a fierce ethical debate -- while producing a perky, lovable puppy. >> Read the Full Article

'The Columbia… A River That Died and Was Reborn as Money' -- A Guest Commentary

“The Columbia… a river that died and was reborn as money.” Historian Donald Worster’s bleak yet apt observation captures the transformation of the Columbia and Snake River system into an economic engine whose purpose is to provide commodities—water, transportation, flood control and hydroelectricity. >> Read the Full Article

Official Says Pelican Exodus Not Alarming

A top federal wildlife official says the pelican mystery at the Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge may be a natural correction. Nearly 30,000 white pelicans abandoned the refuge last year, leaving eggs and chicks behind. >> Read the Full Article

Grad Student Believes Wood May Replace Oil

A University of Idaho graduate student believes the answer to the world's crude oil crisis grows on trees. Juan Andres Soria says he has developed a process that turns wood into bio-oil, a substance similar to crude oil. >> Read the Full Article

Virginia Officials Educate Immigrant Communities about U.S. Environmental Laws

One year after a bear parts sting landed dozens of Asians in jail, Virginia officials are pursuing more effective ways to educate the state's diverse communities about environmental laws that often clash with cultural traditions. >> Read the Full Article

If We Could Have Written the Energy Bill... More Input from ENN's Readers

Your responses keep rolling in to the question ENN's publisher, Jerry Kay, posed on Tuesday: If you could have written the energy bill, what would you have included? Here's the most recent round of insightful ideas. We'll be collecting as much input as we can over the next few days, so please send in your thoughts! >> Read the Full Article

Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: Soda Club

ENN features many stories about companies that are making innovative products or offering creative services that will improve our health and our environment. ENN Expo was created specifically to showcase those innovations. >> Read the Full Article

Landfill Expert Always Let His Entrepreneurial Talent Go To 'Waste'

The advanced secure residue facility is an odd-looking contraption, a bathtub-shaped, clay-layered lining for landfills that made Lou Wagner's career. >> Read the Full Article