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A Computer Recycler's Big Job

David Zimet's New Jersey warehouse is where computers go to die -- or in some cases, to get a new life. >> Read the Full Article

Wildlife Could Lure Tourists to Maine

A plan to expand the economic power of Maine's fish and wildlife resources was highlighted by Gov. John Baldacci during the annual Fur, Fin and Feather Day at the State House. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Try to Predict What the Next Tsunami Will Do

WASHINGTON — Philip Liu of Cornell University in New York and several of his colleagues rushed to Sri Lanka after the Dec. 26 Indian Ocean tsunami. Liu's team had developed a computer model to predict how a quake might generate a tsunami and wanted to test it. >> Read the Full Article

China under Pressure on Emissions as Kyoto Looms

China is the world's second-largest source of greenhouse gases but when the Kyoto Protocol on climate change comes into force next week it will be under no obligation to cut emissions. >> Read the Full Article

Going Once, Going Twice -- A Chance to Name a Monkey

Britain's Queen Victoria had a pigeon named after her and President Theodore Roosevelt's dedication to conservation earned him an elk bearing his name. Now ordinary people can bid online to officially name an orange and brown monkey documented last year in Bolivia's Madidi National Park, seen by scientists as one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. >> Read the Full Article

World Bank Chief Says Neutral Expert To Be Appointed in Kashmir Dam Dispute

The World Bank is set to appoint a neutral expert to arbitrate in a dispute between Pakistan and India over a dam being constructed in Indian-held Kashmir, the bank's president said. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Baffled by Finch Die-Off in Alaska

An increasing number of redpolls are dying off in the Fairbanks area this winter, baffling wildlife biologists. Experts had suspected the red-capped finches were dying of salmonellosis, but preliminary cultures did not confirm the presence of the bacteria. >> Read the Full Article

Mangrove Forests Reduce Impact of Tsunami and Cyclones, Ecological Experts Say

Mangrove forests along coastal shores sharply reduced the impact of the recent tsunami in different parts of Asia, environmental experts meeting in eastern India said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

EU Wants to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions Beyond 2012

The European Union head office proposed plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2012 on Wednesday, arguing that environmental protection need not come at the expense of economic growth if countries work together. >> Read the Full Article

'Leather-Free' Mercedes Thrills Rights Group

Mercedes-Benz has agreed to offer "leather-free" versions of all its luxury cars to pacify an animal rights group that says thousands of cows are slaughtered each year for leather car seats and interiors. >> Read the Full Article