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Ancient Beasts Raise Questions about Climate Change

The signs of the scuffle were fresh but it is a struggle that has gone on for tens of millions of years. Just minutes before, dozens of tiny turtles had burst from the sand under the cover of darkness to make a mad dash for the sea by running a deadly gauntlet of ghost crabs. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: What is 'Acid Rain' and What Causes It?

"Acid rain," also known as acid precipitation and acid deposition, is a broad term used to describe the nitric and sulfuric acids that fall to Earth during rain, snow or fog. >> Read the Full Article

Biodiesel To Be Distributed for Boaters Through Port Everglades

More South Florida boaters may soon be turning to vegetables to run their engines. By mid-April, TransMontaigne, one of the largest fuel terminal operators at Port Everglades, will begin offering biodiesel products. >> Read the Full Article

Time Ticking on Nuclear Waste Decision

As the U.S. extends the life of its nuclear plants far into the future, a potentially critical question remains: Where will the reactors' intensely radioactive waste be stored for thousands of years to come? >> Read the Full Article

Nesting Begins for Endangered Parrots

Raucous squawking erupts from cages filled with dozens of parrots -- a hopeful sound from a species on the brink of extinction. The last chance of survival for the Puerto Rican parrot may lie in forest aviaries where these captive birds began their nesting in January under close observation. >> Read the Full Article

The New Environmentalism -- An ENN Commentary

Environmentalism is dead. That is the opinion of commentators Michael Shellenberger, a political strategist, and Ted Nordhaus, a pollster... >> Read the Full Article

African Countries Sign Treaty to Protect Rain Forest

Seven Central African countries signed a landmark treaty Saturday to establish cross-border partnerships to help save the world's second largest rain forest. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Probe Antarctica's Shifting Ice, 'Not Sure What's Going On'

Scientists looking southward from the tip of South America, over steel-gray waters toward icy Antarctica, see only questions on the horizon about the fate of the planet. >> Read the Full Article

500 Hours Achieved in Biomass Power Generation

An Osaka-based company on Friday succeeded in generating electricity with biomass fuels for 500 consecutive hours, one of the longest records in the world, at a test facility in Yamaguchi City, company officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Revisits Manatee Status

State wildlife officials took a jump Thursday toward potentially taking manatees off the endangered-species list, rejecting environmentalists' concerns that Florida's classification system is flawed. >> Read the Full Article