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South Africa and Namibia Seek to End Black Rhino Hunt Ban

Namibia and South Africa want to lift a ban on hunting the rare black rhino, a move certain to draw protests from conservationists who say the species is still recovering from decades of rampant poaching. >> Read the Full Article

Trade in a Further 15 Hazardous Chemicals Could Be Restricted, U.N. Says

Up to 15 hazardous chemicals, including several forms of asbestos, could be added this week to a list which restricts the trade of dangerous substances, U.N. officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Naturalists Struggle to Save Iran Cheetahs

Only 60 cheetahs are believed to remain in Iran, their numbers bludgeoned by hunting, road-building, and drought, say environmentalists who are battling to save them from extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Thousands of Fish Killed by Toxic Algae in Southern India

An outbreak of a destructive algae has killed thousands of fish in southern India, causing more than 90 children to fall ill because of the stench, officials said recently. >> Read the Full Article

Illegal Ivory Trade Thriving in Africa and Asia, Says Study

The illegal ivory trade is thriving in Africa and Asia, where China remains the world's biggest market despite a crackdown launched two years ago, an environmental group said recently. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: How Much Land Has Congress Designated as Wilderness Since the Wilderness Act Passed 40 Years Ago?

When Congress passed the Wilderness Act in 1964, it designated 9.1 million acres across the United States permanently off limits to development. Since then, lawmakers have added an additional 96.5 million acres — including more than 50 million acres in Alaska alone — for a total of 105.6 million acres, spread over some 662 different areas and constituting roughly 5 percent of total U.S. land mass. >> Read the Full Article

Japan officials, U.S. industry discount progress on lifting beef ban

Japanese officials and U.S. beef industry sources are downplaying reports of major progress in the lifting of Japan's ban on American beef. >> Read the Full Article

Federal amendment would exempt farms from air pollution reporting

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig may try to exempt commercial mega-farms, like the Circle Four hog farm in Beaver County, Utah, from having to report toxins from animal waste that are released into the air, and the Sierra Club says it stinks. >> Read the Full Article

EPA chief and former Utah governor may seek rewrite of radiation safety law

With plans to bury the nation's nuclear waste in Nevada looking more uncertain, Environmental Protection Agency head Mike Leavitt may ask Congress to rewrite a critical radiation safety law so the dump can open as planned in 2010. >> Read the Full Article

Newport, N.H., to consult lawyer on landfill acquisition options

Officials in Newport are moving closer to deciding whether the town ought to acquire the ash landfill located off the John Stark Highway as part of the New Hampshire-Vermont Solid Waste Project's planned dissolution in 2007. >> Read the Full Article