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New Report From World Resources Institute Finds Environmental Loophole in Standards for Multilateral Development Banks

A report released today by the World Resources Institute (WRI) recommends that multilateral development banks (MDBs) incorporate environmental and social policies into their lending to financial intermediary (FI) institutions in developing countries. >> Read the Full Article

Firm Expands PC Recycling

A Spokane company that for the past two years has gathered up and sold discarded personal computers to Asian processors now says it will dismantle the machines and sell the recyclable waste overseas. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Panel Rebuffs House Call for Interim Nuclear Waste Storage

Senators struck a blow for the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump Tuesday as a spending panel rebuffed a House effort to establish temporary storage sites as a backup. >> Read the Full Article

Loggers, Environmentalists Square Off Over Landmark Australian $6.36 Million Lawsuit

Taking up a tactic long used by Australian environmentalists, the country's largest timber company has gone to court to try to block prominent environmental campaigners from carrying out what it claims are violent protests and to demand millions of dollars in damages from anti-logging demonstrations. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Proposes Broader Energy Tax Package than Passed by House

Senate tax writers proposed $16 billion in energy tax breaks Tuesday as the Senate began debate on a massive bill that some Democratic lawmakers argued would do too little to wean the country off its heavy reliance on foreign oil. >> Read the Full Article

Thirty Percent of Ireland's Rivers Polluted with Sewage or Fertilizer, Study Finds

Three out of every 10 Irish rivers are polluted, chiefly from sewage or agricultural fertilizer, the government's Environmental Protection Agency has found. >> Read the Full Article

Four Rare Giant Catfish Released into Cambodian River after Years in Captivity

World Wildlife Fund conservationists on Wednesday released into the Mekong River four endangered giant catfish that had been kept in captivity for seven years. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: People's Grocery

For many people in urban communities, getting fresh food and produce means traveling outside the area. However, one organization is working to bring healthy, affordable food to urban neighborhoods that are not served by a large supermarket. >> Read the Full Article

China to Watch Others on Climate Change Action

China will watch how other countries meet their environmental commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions in coming years before deciding whether to sign up to its own mandatory cuts, a minister said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Army to Divert River in Disputed Project

Army engineers are set to start a controversial 4.5 billion reais ($1.8 billion) project next month to divert one of Brazil's biggest rivers and bring water to 12 million people in the parched northeast. >> Read the Full Article