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ENN Weekly: June 13th - 17th

ENN's editors summarize the most compelling environmental and sustainable economy themes of the week. In the news June 13 - 17: Higher air quality standards for U.S. parks and wild places, the tsunami's drastic toll on leatherbacks, interim nuclear waste storage plans stall, and strict pollution laws protect Antarctica. >> Read the Full Article

Seattle's Recycling Plan Gears Up To Help the Planet

Seattle's recycling plan to distribute 90,000 of its new yard-waste and food-scraps carts is halfway to its goal, with 45,000 of the large containers already out there. >> Read the Full Article

Tourism Sector Calls for Lower Electricity Charges

The Tourism Council of Thailand is lobbying the government to reduce electricity fees for tourism-related businesses nationwide for up to two years to help the industry cope with a slowdown in business. >> Read the Full Article

Abbott Sponsors Youth Policy Summit on Child and Adolescent Obesity and Nutrition in America

How can we, as a society, come together to tackle the growing health epidemic of childhood obesity, both through education and changes in policy? >> Read the Full Article

Mazda Finds Ways to Recycle Bumper Materials for New Cars

Mazda Motor Corp. has developed ways to recycle the materials of dismantled car bumpers for use in those of brand-new vehicles, and has begun testing the methods in March, according to company officials. >> Read the Full Article

Democrats Say White House again Cozy with Big Oil

Democrats said Wednesday that the resignation of a former official on the White House Council on Environmental Quality to join ExxonMobil was an example of coziness between the Bush administration and the oil industry, a charge denied by the White House. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Plastic Wrap Alternative

Do you wonder about the materials that are used to make the wrapper on the sandwich that you get at the deli? >> Read the Full Article

Mexican, U.S. Researchers Identify New Species and Family of Catfish in Mexico River

Mexican and U.S. researchers said they believe an ancient-looking, rarely seen fish in a Mexican river represents a new species of catfish and an entire new taxonomic family. >> Read the Full Article

Inuit to File Anti-U.S. Climate Petition

Inuit hunters threatened by a melting of the Arctic ice plan to file a petition accusing Washington of violating their human rights by fuelling global warming, an Inuit leader said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Office Depot and The Nature Conservancy Employ New Boreal Ecologist

Office Depot and The Nature Conservancy announced on Wednesday the creation of a new boreal ecologist position as part of Office Depot's continuing support of and participation in the Forest & Biodiversity Conservation Alliance. >> Read the Full Article