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Vancouver, Wash., Solar-Cell Plant Saves Energy to Make Energy

As energy prices rise, demand for alternative power sources rises. But so do the costs of creating some of those alternatives. >> Read the Full Article

Japan, U.S. to Hold High-Level Beef Talks in Tokyo

Japan and the United States will hold high-level talks aimed at lifting Japan's ban on U.S. beef imports next week in Tokyo, Japanese government sources said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Fresno, Calif., Conference on Alternative Fuels Looks at Job-Making Potential

Factories turning corn, garbage and manure into fuel have the potential to create new jobs, pump money into the economy and reduce the dependence on foreign oil, according to speakers at a Fresno conference on alternative fuels. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Tells Fontana, Calif., Aluminum Recycling Firm to Limit Emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered aluminum recyler Timco, Standard and Tandem, Inc. earlier this month to take steps to lower the levels of dioxin it emits. >> Read the Full Article

Lancaster County, Pa.-Based Chemical Firm Joins EPA Partnership Program

Sylvin Technologies Inc. was set today to become the first Lancaster County company to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Partnership for Environmental Priorities program. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Plans to Start Soon on Projects Related to Everglades Restoration

The state plans to start eight projects related to Everglades restoration, including building reservoirs that could ease suburban flooding and environmental damage from hurricanes, officials said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

High Taxes at the Pump Help Britain Maintain Flat Gas Consumption

In Britain, drivers pay nearly three times what Americans do for gasoline at the pump, and the high taxes that cause the huge difference have never managed to achieve one of the government's main goals: reducing the number of cars on the road. >> Read the Full Article

Farmers Turning to More Innovative Ways to Control Foul Smell of Manure

To long-time rural residents, the smell of manure is something they hardly notice. >> Read the Full Article

Peace Prize Is a Well-Deserved Honor

Sometimes what at first seems like a minor change can actually signal major shift in understanding.  >> Read the Full Article