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IAEA Chief Says World Is Getting Impatient with North Korea

North Korea's two-year-old nuclear crisis has taxed the world's patience, the chief United Nations nuclear regulator said on Wednesday, urging communist Pyongyang to return to its disarmament treaty obligations. >> Read the Full Article

"End Game" Near for Indonesia's Rain Forests, Says Greenpeace

Time is running out for Indonesia's dwindling rain forests, as illegal logging is destroying them 10 times faster than the Amazon's, environmental group Greenpeace said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Costa Rica Banana Workers Sue over Pesticide

Thousands of banana pickers in Costa Rica have filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against two chemical companies and three major U.S. fresh produce companies, claiming that exposure to a toxic pesticide caused a range of reproductive disorders. >> Read the Full Article

Smuggling of Tiger Skins Is Rife and Growing, Says Study

The illicit trade in tiger and leopard skins has reached alarming proportions, posing a serious threat to the survival of the big cats, a conservation group said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Bomb-Grade Plutonium Shipment Arrives in France

A heavily guarded ship carrying a large shipment of U.S. weapons-grade plutonium docked in the French port of Cherbourg on Wednesday, defying protesters who say the shipment is vulnerable to terrorist attack. >> Read the Full Article

Legislation Could Block Cape Cod, Mass.-area Wind Farm

The controversial wind farm proposed off Cape Cod could be blocked indefinitely by last-minute language that a Virginia senator is trying to insert in a US defense bill. >> Read the Full Article

Supreme Court Takes up Pollution Suit Against Manufacturer Cooper Industries

Companies responsible for hazardous waste cleanups have long argued over who should pay. On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court used a Texas case to consider whether one polluter can force another to share the cost of a voluntary cleanup. >> Read the Full Article

Australia's Leaders Woo Valuable Green Votes

As Australia's marathon six-week election campaign enters the final stretch before a weekend ballot, the contenders to lead the nation were set to clash on Wednesday in last-minute bids to win valuable green votes. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Groups Drop Efforts to Block Missouri Cement Plant

Environmental groups said this week they have abandoned a four-year legal effort to block construction of one of the world's largest cement plants. >> Read the Full Article

E.U. Opposes Whaling and Is Undecided on Ivory at CITES

The European Union looked set on Tuesday to harpoon a Japanese bid to resume commercial trade in whale products but has yet to take a stand on a Namibian attempt to loosen restrictions on ivory sales. >> Read the Full Article