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On <i>Beyond Organic</i> Radio: What's Up With Cotton?

Cotton is found in the most unlikely places including cattle feed, paper money and even candy bars. Cotton also accounts for more than 25% of the world's insecticide use. >> Read the Full Article

Post Katrina, Some Experts Say Gulf of Mexico Not Greatly Affected

Rumors the Gulf of Mexico and its critters have been harmed by pollution washing into the sea after Hurricane Katrina's deadly landfall more than a month ago are untrue, so far, according to two government agencies. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Patagonia

One company has for 20 years followed the now-popular strategy of pursuing the "double bottom line": not only profit, but social goals as well. Jerry Kay spoke to Lisa Pike, the Director of Environmental Programs at Patagonia. >> Read the Full Article

Amazon Rainforest Suffers Worst Drought in Decades

The worst drought in more than 40 years is damaging the world's biggest rainforest, plaguing the Amazon basin with wildfires, sickening river dwellers with tainted drinking water, and killing fish by the millions as streams dry up. >> Read the Full Article

A World Helpless Against the Assaults of Nature

In a more hopeful time, the promise of science brought assurances that hurricanes could be tricked into dispersing, earthquakes disarmed by nuclear explosions and floodwaters held at bay by great mounds of dirt. >> Read the Full Article

Patagonia Among 70 Vying for Green Business of the Year Award

Patagonia Inc., the outdoor gear and apparel maker based in Ventura, is among 70 nominees for Co-op America's first-ever "People's Choice Award" as Green Business of the year. >> Read the Full Article

India Faces Turbulent Water Future, World Bank Expert Says

Conflicts caused by severe water shortages could plague India in the coming decades as rivers dry up, groundwater is depleted and canals are polluted, a World Bank expert warned. >> Read the Full Article

Energy Department Likely To Miss Deadline for Nuclear Treatment Plant at Hanford Site

The federal government says it likely will miss the deadline to open a multi-billion-dollar nuclear waste treatment plant, delaying cleanup of highly radioactive materials leftover from a site that made Cold War weapons. >> Read the Full Article

Bishop Says Hunger Strike Just the Start of Campaign To Save Brazilian River

A Brazilian bishop savored the success of his 11-day hunger strike Friday, sipping chicken soup and mulling the government's pledge to delay the rerouting of a major river in Brazil's arid northeast. >> Read the Full Article

Alaska Threatens To Yank North Slope Leases from Oil Companies

Alaska's oil and gas chief is threatening to revoke leases held by Exxon Mobil Corp. and other producers for not drilling the rich fields near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. >> Read the Full Article