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Chinese President Calls Renewable Energy 'A Must' To Battle Pollution, Energy Shortages

Chinese President Hu Jintao and U.S. and European officials called Monday for a sharp rise in the world's use of solar and other nonpolluting power sources as they opened an international meeting on renewable energy. >> Read the Full Article

Caribbean Nations May Ask U.N. To Settle Dispute with Venezuela

Caribbean countries may ask the United Nations to help settle a decades-old dispute with Venezuela over territorial rights to waters around a tiny, uninhabited island that some believe sits near oil and natural gas deposits, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers Cut Funding for Yucca Mountain to $450 Million in 2006

Lawmakers agreed Monday to cut 2006 spending for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump well below past-year levels and President Bush's budget request, reflecting the faltering prospects for the project in the Nevada desert. >> Read the Full Article

California City Struggles with an Opportunity To Become Nation's Solar Leader

Here in the sunny suburbs east of San Francisco, voters get a chance to make their community a national leader in solar power at a time of soaring energy prices and global warming. >> Read the Full Article

On <I>Beyond Organic</I>: Prince Charles & Organic Farmers

This past week, the Prince of Wales made a historic visit to organic farmers in western Marin County. Coordinated by Marin Organic, a county farmer’s cooperative, Prince Charles’ tour included a trip to a local farmer's market and a luncheon with organic pioneers. >> Read the Full Article

Half China Fast-Food Containers Health Hazard, Paper Says

Half the disposable fast-food containers, bowls and spoons used in China are hazardous to health, the China Daily said, quoting the results of a nationwide investigation. >> Read the Full Article

Chicken Excrement for Fish Stirs Concern in Vietnam

The practice of using chicken excrement to feed fish in southern Vietnam is threatening millions of people with bird flu in Ho Chi Minh City and should be stopped, state media said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

New Rules on Illegal Trails Don't Go Far Enough, Critics Say

Forest Service ranger Kevin Slagle struggles to keep his balance as he slides down a crudely cut trail in the Mount Hood National Forest. Not only is the rocky dirt path treacherous, Slagle says, it is eroding the land and hurting native trout and other species of animals. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Promises Lead-Remodeling Regulation by End of Year

The Environmental Protection Agency said Monday it would propose regulations by the end of the year to limit people's exposures to lead paint during home remodeling. >> Read the Full Article

New Turbine Design May Boost Wind Energy

Recent howling winds have been like sweet music to one local company, which says its new vertical wind turbine is substantially more efficient than traditional propeller designs. >> Read the Full Article