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Swampy Part of New Orleans Turns into Dumping Ground

A swampy section of the city is becoming a dumping ground for paint cans, broken furniture, insulation and whatever else is in the rubble. From its beginnings, New Orleans has viewed the surrounding wetlands and Mississippi River as the logical places for its waste. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the city again is turning to the swamp. >> Read the Full Article

Dubai's Man-Made Islands Anger Environmentalists

Billion-dollar islands being built off the coast of Dubai offer wealthy tourists a chance to leave the world behind, but environmentalists say the Gulf's delicate marine ecosystem is paying the price for this perfect escape. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Rules Out New Post-Kyoto Limits

Australia said on Monday negotiating new greenhouse gas emission levels for the Kyoto Protocol is a waste of time, dampening hopes a major environment meeting in Canada will set new targets beyond 2012. >> Read the Full Article

Africa Lakes under Strain as Populations Rise

Africa's 600-plus lakes are under unprecedented strain from rising populations and must be managed better if demand for fresh water is not to stir instability, a U.N. report published on Monday said. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says Keeping Public Lands Open for Grazing Costs $123 Million a Year

Federal agencies spend at least $123 million a year to keep public lands open to livestock grazing, according to a government report that environmentalists say bolsters their argument that grazing should be limited. >> Read the Full Article

McDonald's Brews a Java War

McDonald's Corp. is giving a jolt to the New England coffee market. Starting next week, the fast-food chain will replace its brew in all 600 New England stores with Newman's Own Organics Blend produced by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. in Waterbury, Vt. >> Read the Full Article

Intel's New Process To Reduce Water Use at Microchip Plant Several Years Away

Intel's Community Environmental Working Group hosted a presentation on technology that has the potential to reduce water use at the microchip plant by up to 80 percent and virtually eliminate harmful solvents. >> Read the Full Article

Patagonia Staff Learns about Organic Cotton Production

Believed to be the only grower of organic cotton in California, Don Cameron wore his 100 percent organic cotton shirt from Patagonia as he showed representatives of that company from around the world his field near Helm on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Microchip Technology Ships 1 Billionth Lead-Free Device

Microchip Technology Inc., a provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, today announced the shipment of its 1 billionth lead-free device. >> Read the Full Article

Governor Rendell Opens East Coast's First BioDiesel Injection Blending Facility

Governor Edward Rendell launched the grand opening of the East Coast's first biodiesel injection blending facility owned by Independence BioFuels, Inc, a wholesale distributor of biofuels, located at the Petroleum Products Corporation terminal in Highspire, PA >> Read the Full Article