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New Law Fails to Protect Wetlands

What's good for Northwest Florida's developers isn't good for its environment -- so contend the critics of a bill signed into law by Gov. Jeb Bush this week. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Say Fossil Fuels Could Be Bridge to Future

Fuel cells could be providing inexpensive electricity to businesses and even homes by 2010, but at least initially they won't be fueled by hydrogen extracted from water. >> Read the Full Article

Cheery Chickadee Chirps Carry Complex Information, Study Reveals

Those cheery-sounding chirps coming from the tree in the back yard are carrying more than a joyful message -- they are conveying surprisingly complex information about lurking predators, biologists reported Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Poll Shows Europeans Skeptical of U.S. Environmental Stewardship

Europeans trust their own countries to protect the environment far more than they do the United States, according to a poll released Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Family Farms

Family farms are a centuries-old tradition that has seen farms passed down from generation to generation. One organization is working to preserve the tradition of the family farm. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Biotech Firm Sees FDA Approving Cloned Meat

A U.S. biotech company said on Thursday it expected the Food and Drug Administration to soon approve the industry's request to market meat and milk products from cloned cattle and other animals. >> Read the Full Article

UPS Releases Report on Sustainability Goals

UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, this week released its third annual Corporate Sustainability Report. >> Read the Full Article

Nuclear Industry Stands To Get Help from Taxpayers

With the president leading the cheers, the nuclear industry is poised to receive a bounty of incentives from Congress that could subsidize construction of new nuclear reactors in central Illinois and several other locations. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Nears Completion of Energy Bill; Conflict Expected with House

The Senate neared completion of a sweeping national energy agenda late Thursday that would promote conservation and environmentally friendly fuels. But senators rejected a last-minute bid to substantially raise automobile fuel economy over the next decade. >> Read the Full Article

Group Rejects Japanese Plans for Coastal Whale Hunt

Japan suffered yet another setback on Thursday in its bid for more whaling when an international commission rejected a plea to allow Japanese coastal communities to hunt whales. >> Read the Full Article