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British firms realize benefits of going green

The message is getting through to small firms that going green is good for business. And by being environmentally aware, they might be doing more for their local communities than they realize. >> Read the Full Article

Proposed Vehicle Tours on Protected Georgia Barrier Island Rev Up Environmental Battle

Cumberland Island is the largest undeveloped barrier island on the Eastern Seaboard, and about half of it is federal wilderness area, meaning visitors and National Park Service employees are supposed to hike rather than drive. But the island has a handful of permanent residents who are free to drive on the three roads. >> Read the Full Article

Soil Disease in Singapore Kills 23 This Year and Prompts Bio-warfare Fears

A spate of deaths earlier this year by a soil-borne bacterial disease prompted Singapore to investigate whether it had been made into a weapon and was being used as a bio-warfare agent — a possibility that was ruled out. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Donates $11 million to Restore Iraqi Marshes

Japan donated US$11 million (euro8.96 million) to restore Iraqi marshes drained during the regime of the ousted leader Saddam Hussein, the Japanese environment minister said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Coalition's vehicle demo in California promotes fuel-cell technology

If you think hybrid cars are cool, try sitting behind the wheel of a fuel-cell vehicle. >> Read the Full Article

Riverside County, Calif., issues fines for improperly disposed medical waste

Three hospital systems in Riverside County have been fined this year for dumping unsterilized medical wastes such as blood-soaked bandages, bloody intravenous lines and human tissue into county landfills. Other hospitals may face similar waste-dumping allegations, county officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Permit granted for Chevron's liquefied natural gas terminal

Mexican authorities have issued a conditional environmental permit for a controversial $650 million liquefied natural gas terminal that ChevronTexaco Corp. wants to build near an island eight miles off the coast of Baja California, a company spokeswoman said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Stamford, Conn.-based Poseidon Resources develops alternative water sources

Most cruise ships today have desalination equipment and more than 90 percent of the water in Arabian Peninsula countries comes from seawater desalting plants. >> Read the Full Article

Interior Chief Signs Species Protection Plan for Lower Colorado

Interior Secretary Gale Norton has signed an agreement with representatives of Arizona, Nevada, and California to protect wildlife habitat on the Colorado River and aid native species. >> Read the Full Article

India, Bangladesh Agree to Study Common River as Part of Water-Sharing Talks

Bangladesh and India agreed this week to jointly study their common Teesta River over the next three months before engaging in water-sharing negotiations, officials said. >> Read the Full Article