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Protecting Thailand's Forests: Exploring the Village to Ministry Connection

More than a half-million hill tribe members, nomadic for centuries, live without regard to modern political boundaries in scattered villages throughout the broadleaf forest mountains of northern Thailand, Myanmar, and the famous Golden Triangle region of South East Asia. >> Read the Full Article

For Presidential Candidates, Energy not a Hot Topic

Even as the price of crude oil soars past $50 a barrel and the cost of gas at the pump passes $2 a gallon, details of the candidates' energy policy initiatives have done little more than bubble in the 2004 presidential campaign. >> Read the Full Article

Audubon Society of Rhode Island's Project Promotes Renewable Energy

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island yesterday announced a campaign to urge thousands of people to use electricity from wind and water sources. >> Read the Full Article

Southern California Called Vulnerable to Rolling Blackouts

Limited high-voltage line capacity and the mothballing of old power plants could leave Southern California on the brink of rolling blackouts in the next couple of years, according to a state report released Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Atwater, Calif.-Area Dairy Introduces System to Help with Waste Problem

The Joseph Gallo Farms Cottonwood Dairy near Atwater has 5,000 cows, and each one of them produces about 120 pounds of liquid and solid waste per day. >> Read the Full Article

BP and Shell Enjoy High Oil Prices by Earning $100 Million Daily Profit

BP and Shell are set to report stunning profits of $9 billion (5 billion pounds) between them for the three months to September — $100 million a day — as they cash in on the soaring oil price. >> Read the Full Article

Weyerhaeuser Sets Record Profit for Quarter

Maybe money really does grow on trees. At least, it's seemed that way for Weyerhaeuser this year. >> Read the Full Article

Weyerhaeuser Reports Sevenfold Increase in Third-Quarter Haul vs. Last Year

Weyerhaeuser Co. made seven times more money last quarter than it did a year ago. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Grant to Help Build "Clean Coal' Plant in Orange County, Fla.

It sounds like a can't-miss proposition: The U.S. Department of Energy awarded a $235-million grant on Thursday toward the construction of a high-tech "clean coal" power plant in eastern Orange County that will generate more than 1,800 jobs. >> Read the Full Article

Japan And New Zealand to Study Undersea Volcanoes with Mini Sub

Japanese and New Zealand marine scientists are to study two active undersea volcanoes and life forms near their vents using a mini sub, they said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article