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Greek Capital's Landfill To Close Down over the Weekend

The operators of the Greek capital's only landfill said Tuesday they would close down the site indefinitely over the weekend because it has far exceeded capacity and is unsafe. >> Read the Full Article

Fish Removal Aiding Native Species

Efforts to remove non-native fish from parts of the Colorado River appear to be working, with rising numbers of native fish being reported by fish-removal crews. >> Read the Full Article

Blair Expected To Favor Nuclear in Energy Review

Prime Minister Tony Blair will launch a review on Tuesday of Britain's energy needs and stoke speculation that he favours nuclear power by warning that renewable sources cannot fully meet the country's needs. >> Read the Full Article

Aborigines on Australia's Bird-Flu Frontline

Aborigines in Australia's remote north and authorities in Indonesia and East Timor have been drafted in to watch for signs of sick or dead migratory birds as Australia's frontline defence against bird flu. >> Read the Full Article

EPA, DuPont Finalize Settlement over Chemical Used To Make Teflon

Federal regulators have reached an agreement with DuPont to settle allegations the company hid information about the dangers of a toxic chemical known as C8 used in the manufacture of Teflon. >> Read the Full Article

EU Study Finds Climate Change Major Environmental Challenge for Europe

Climate change is Europe's biggest environmental challenge, as the temperature on the continent is rising a third faster than the global average, according to a report by the EU's environmental agency. >> Read the Full Article

Rebuilding Cancun's Beaches To Take a Year, Says President Vicente Fox

It will take a year to rebuild all the famous white sand beaches in Mexico's Caribbean resort of Cancun after Hurricane Wilma ripped them away last month, President Vicente Fox said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Program Seeks Greener Image for Golf Courses

Golf courses that use chemicals with restraint, monitor water quality and encourage wildlife will be recognized under a new program launched last week by a group of Oregon and Washington golf course superintendents. >> Read the Full Article

Public Ripe for Organic Food

When Martha Han of Duluth shops for groceries, she considers the health of her children, ages 3 and 5. Some products she buys are certified organic. For instance, she prefers organic grapes and apples for her kids because nonorganic ones contain the highest pesticide levels. >> Read the Full Article

Armed Robbers Snatch Lion Cub from Palestinian Zoo

Armed robbers made off with a lion cub and two Arabic-speaking parrots in a recent raid on Gaza's zoo, Palestinian police chief and newspapers said. >> Read the Full Article