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TV Talk Show Host's Rainbow Warrior Comments Rile Environmental Group

Greenpeace complained Thursday to the Federal Communications Commission about MSNBC talk show host Tucker Carlson's praise for a fatal attack 20 years ago on the environmental group's flagship. >> Read the Full Article

Leaf to Bud: Pssst, It's Time to Flower

How does a flower know when to, well, flower? For one thing, it isn't just April showers that do the trick. After all, some forsythia burst forth in early spring, roses enjoy the summertime and there are types of rice that flower in the fall. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Groups File Lawsuit to Reverse Crucial Scripps Permit

Environmental lawyers are mounting what they say is their strongest challenge yet to the Scripps Florida biotech park at Mecca Farms, even as the county moves to sell land at the site. >> Read the Full Article

Waterborne Diseases Kill 46 This Week in Flood-Hit Bombay

Waterborne diseases killed at least 46 people in Bombay in the past four days following floods that crippled western India last month, officials said Thursday. Press Trust of India news agency on Thursday night put the death toll at 66. >> Read the Full Article

Wildlife Moves to Stay Cool in a Warmer World

Salmon swim north into Arctic seas, locusts plague northern Italy and two heat-loving bee-eater birds nest in a hedge in Britain. Signs of global warming fed by greenhouse gases produced by human activity, or just summertime oddities? >> Read the Full Article

Number of Hungry in Africa Will Grow without Changes in Aid and Trade Policies

Tens of millions of Africans will continue to go hungry over the next 20 years unless major changes in trade and aid policies are enacted, a research institute said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Work in Cambodia Earns Actress Angelina Jolie Citizenship

King Norodom Sihamoni has signed a special decree giving movie star Angelina Jolie Cambodian citizenship in recognition of her environmental work in the country, a senior official said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Weather Balloons' 1970s Design Caused Climate Spat

A dispute over whether global warming is really happening may have been caused by the placement of sensors on weather balloons when studies were done in the 1970s, researchers said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Officials Discover Giant Waterfall in California National Park

Dick McDermott knows these parts as well as any man can. But McDermott says he's never laid eyes on the nearly 400-foot waterfall that park officials recently discovered in a remote corner of the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, 43,000 acres of wilderness in northern California. >> Read the Full Article

South African Farmers Trade Livestock for Wildlife

Squinting into his binoculars, William Fowlds scans a vast, grassy plane where a busy dairy once stood. The cattle and sheep have given way to herds of grazing antelope. Out of a knot of thorny bushes, a family of elephants emerges. >> Read the Full Article