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Hollywood Could Help Save Madagascan Forests

The hit movie "Madagascar" has raised hopes that its namesake island will benefit from higher tourist visits, which could encourage locals to conserve rainforests considered among the world's most pristine and rare. >> Read the Full Article

Reading, Writing & Human Experimentation -- A Guest Commentary

California law today allows pesticides that have not received full health, stability and efficacy tests to be used on school campuses. I'm 17 years old, and I'd like to live way past 18. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio:

There is a significant movement in the finance world known as "socially responsible investing"; that is, investors who look for business opportunities that have a positive impact on the earth as well as the bottom line. >> Read the Full Article

Salamander Species Has Deformities

The hellbender salamander's numbers continue to decline, and wildlife officials say more are showing up with unexplained deformities. >> Read the Full Article

Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp Set Farm Aid 20

Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp announced plans Monday for Farm Aid No. 20, with an emphasis on saving family farms by creating demands for organic food and alternative energy sources. >> Read the Full Article

As Landfills Close in Big Cities, Garbage Travels Farther

The trains that rumble from the Harlem River rail yard in the South Bronx are sealed tight, but there is no mistaking what lies inside them. The stench gives it away. The trains, some a mile long, are filled with garbage. >> Read the Full Article

Richardson: Local Leaders Must Lead Fight on Global Warming

Former U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson urged mayors from across the nation Monday to take the lead in fighting global warming. "If we wait around for the Congress to ... take steps that are going to be significant, we are not going to address this problem," said Richardson, a Democrat who served in the Clinton administration and is now New Mexico's governor. >> Read the Full Article

California Disabled Win Long Legal Battle for Access to National Parks

California has settled a legal fight dating back to 1998 and agreed to expand the number of state park trails accessible to the disabled, officials said Monday. Under a plan given preliminary approval by a federal court judge last Friday, California will add hundreds of miles (km) of special access trails over the next decade in its more than 270 parks. >> Read the Full Article

Former Hills Bros Coffee Chairman Named Advisor to Coffee Pacifica

Coffee Pacifica, Inc. announced today that Austin E. Hills, a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hills Bros Coffee, Inc. was appointed a special advisor to Coffee Pacifica. >> Read the Full Article

Dairy Industry Skeptical About Cloned Cows

As the Food and Drug Administration considers whether to lift a voluntary ban on selling food from cloned animals, the agency is getting some resistance from an unusual source: the dairy industry. >> Read the Full Article