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Delta Waters After Katrina Now OK for Recreation, Officials Say

While casting a nervous eye at Hurricane Wilma, federal and state officials reported Friday that the latest pollution data in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina indicated for the first time that the Mississippi Delta was again a safe place to swim. >> Read the Full Article

Earthquake Dramatizes Human Ecological Assault on the Himalayas

This month's massive earthquake did not destroy Mohammad Shafi Mir's house and bury his mother, but what followed seconds later did: a torrent of boulders thundering down a mountainside. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Struggling To Meet CO2 Emissions Target

Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fell slightly last fiscal year, but the country is far from achieving its target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, a government report said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Debris from Hurricanes May Be Used To Fight Coastal Erosion in Louisiana

The mountains of debris created by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita could be the very stuff to protect Louisiana's ravaged coastline and keep hurricanes at bay. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Menus, Romans May Aid Future Fish Stocks

Americans scorned lobster until the 1880s while the ancient Romans loved fish so much that their catches depleted the Mediterranean, according to a study that may give clues about how to restore damaged world fish stocks. >> Read the Full Article

Louisiana Wants Illinois Mud as Building Block for Devastated Marshes

Mud from the Illinois River may soon be transported south to Louisiana to fill in wetlands tattered and punctured by Hurricane Katrina. >> Read the Full Article

GreenShift Releases Video of Prototype Tornado Brand Generator

GreenShift Corporation today announced its release of footage of an early-stage prototype of one of the technologies used in certain applications of GreenShift's proprietary Tornado Generator(TM) technology. >> Read the Full Article

Nanotechnology Conference to Focus on Environmental, Commercial and Public Policy Issues

Over 90 panelists and speakers will gather to discuss nanotechnology research, commercial applications, environmental issues and policy concerns at the 13th Foresight Conference Advancing Beneficial Nanotechnology: Focusing on the Cutting Edge, to be held October 22-27, 2005 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. >> Read the Full Article

Flexcar Wins Environmental Excellence Award from Association of Washington Business

The Association of Washington Business (AWB) has awarded Flexcar with the 2005 Environmental Excellence Award for its innovative carsharing program. >> Read the Full Article

Dutch Windmills at Risk from Climate Change

Windmills, one of the Netherlands' trademarks, may go idle because of less wind as a result of climate change, Dutch scientists predict. >> Read the Full Article