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Beef Recall Data to Remain Secret in California After Governor's Veto

Details about where recalled beef and poultry have been sold will remain secret in California. >> Read the Full Article

National Showcase Lets Sun Shine on Solar-powered Home in Winters, Calif.

When his electricity meter runs backward, it's zero energy day at David Springer's house. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Report Says Pollution Case Against Utilities Jeopardized by Clean Air Changes

The Bush administration's push to ease a clean air rule hampered the settlement of pollution lawsuits against utilities, according to federal agency watchdog's report Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Ape Learning Center Welcomes Students

Azy and Indah are heading to school this week: a unique experience for two clever orangutans whose classroom will eventually encompass more than 200 acres of lowlands, river forest, and lakes. This week the inquisitive primates became the first residents of the Great Ape Trust of Iowa. >> Read the Full Article

Asian Elephants Are Threatened by Poachers and Western Zoos

Illegal poaching and demand from Western zoos are fueling the extinction of the Asian elephant, animal welfare groups said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Toyota to Double U.S. Supply of Priuses to 100,000 in 2005

Toyota Motor Corp. said Thursday it will double the supply of its Prius hybrid cars to the U.S. market to 100,000 vehicles a year in 2005. >> Read the Full Article

Illinois EPA Rejects Tougher Pollution Rules for Coal-Burning Plants

The state Environmental Protection Agency has concluded it would be "irresponsible" for Illinois to act on its own and order coal-burning power plants to reduce the amount of soot and mercury they release into the air. >> Read the Full Article

Newmont Seeks Release of Detained Staff in Indonesia

Lawyers for the Indonesian unit of U.S. firm Newmont Mining Corp. formally requested on Thursday the release from detention of five gold mine executives being questioned by police over pollution allegations. >> Read the Full Article

Government Issues Forecasts of Harmful Algae in Gulf of Mexico

The government will begin issuing forecasts Friday of red tides, harmful blooms of algae, in the Gulf of Mexico. >> Read the Full Article

Investing in Sustainability Abroad Can Pay Handsome Dividends

For socially and environmentally responsible investors leery of putting more money into a still-lagging American economy, international mutual funds focusing on investments in green companies abroad are good options to help minimize risk while at the same time expanding one's investment horizons. And today ethical investors have more choices than ever to do well by doing good with overseas mutual funds. >> Read the Full Article