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Djibouti Refuge Shelters Endangered Cheetahs

Working with cheetahs, the world's fastest land animal and now an endangered species, is a bit different from treating cats and dogs, but Bertrand Lafrance felt he had little choice. >> Read the Full Article

Hydrogen Pump Station Using Air Products Equipment Opens in Washington, D.C.

A showcase hydrogen fueling station using technology from the Lehigh Valley opened Wednesday in Washington, D.C., in a bid to convince Capitol decision-makers that hydrogen is America's most promising future fuel. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Change Already Affecting the Global Environment, Two Reports Say

Global warming has had little noticeable impact in Washington, D.C. Politicians in the nation's capital have been reluctant to set limits on the carbon dioxide pollution that is expected to warm the planet by 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit during the next century, citing uncertainty about the severity of the threat. >> Read the Full Article

Mexico to Preserve Thousands of Acres of Rain Forest in Historic Land Expropriation

Mexico and a U.S. environmental group agreed on a plan to protect 370,000 acres of tropical forest on the Yucatan Peninsula in what officials said Friday was the largest conservation project in the country's history. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: What is the Environmental Impact of an Oil Spill into the Sea?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States uses approximately 250 billion gallons of petroleum products every year. With so much demand, it is not surprising that spills do occur during various stages of production, transportation and distribution. A spill's specific environmental impact depends upon the type and amount of oil, and the local conditions. >> Read the Full Article

Water Striders Walk On Air, Nature's Nose Job, and Roman Beauty Secrets

In the year 1776, Captain James Cook left Plymouth, England, on his third and final voyage of discovery. His primary objective: to find the fabled Northwest Passage, a oceangoing route across the top of the world. >> Read the Full Article

Executive Shows Great Energy in Attempt to Sell Wind-Farm Project

Back when Jim Gordon was a Boston University broadcast and filmmaking student begging for a job in television, a cable executive asked him whether he could sell. >> Read the Full Article

States Hit by Hurricane See Oyster Losses

Oyster reefs in Alabama suffered severe damage from Hurricane Ivan's wave surge, which flushed out an estimated 80 percent of the $4 million crop, disrupting the livelihood of some 200 oystermen who work the reefs in winter. >> Read the Full Article

China to See More Energy Shortages, Report Says

Shortages of coal and electricity are expected this winter in China, state media reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Recycled Shipping Containers Make a Splash in Construction Scene

The steel cargo shipping containers routinely unloaded at ports like the Port of Hampton Roads one day could be used in the construction of homes, businesses and even office buildings. >> Read the Full Article