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EarthTalk: What Exactly is the 'Greenhouse Effect'?

The "greenhouse effect" occurs naturally when heat from the sun enters our atmosphere but cannot escape because it is blocked by water vapor, carbon dioxide and other airborne elements, thereby causing a warming of the Earth. >> Read the Full Article

Students Give New Life to Unwanted Computers

Don't tell Santa, but a workshop in Colorado Springs is filled with young people happily hacking electronics to bits. >> Read the Full Article

Guatemala Clamps down on Christmas Fir Poachers

olice have seized thousands of branches of an endangered Guatemalan scented fir species used for Christmas trees in a clampdown to protect it against extinction, police said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Discover New Species in Indonesian Caves

A team of international scientists has found new fish and insect species, including a monster cockroach, living in caves in Indonesia's remote East Kalimantan province, the group announced Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Precedent-Setting Water Rights Decision over Endangered Species

In a precedent-setting decision, the federal government agreed to pay four California water districts $16.7 million for water the government diverted a decade ago to help two rare fish. >> Read the Full Article

Notes from Anna: You Write of Classics, Old and New

The week leading to Christmas has been particularly exciting for me this year because of the enthusiastic e-mails I received from some of you in response to last week's compact selection of environmental books. >> Read the Full Article

Oregon Forest Owners See Fairer Future in Measure 37

Family landowners suffering under Oregon's land-use laws formed the public face of Measure 37. But the timber industry quietly supplied almost $3 of every $4 that buoyed the ballot initiative to an easy victory. >> Read the Full Article

Grand Rapids, Minn., Paper Mill's Expansion May Depend on Tree Supply

Environmental review for a proposed $800 million paper machine at Blandin Paper Co. in Grand Rapids will focus on the mill's growing appetite for Minnesota's trees. >> Read the Full Article

The Forest Service on Wednesday Announced Long-Waited Changes to Rules Governing the National Forest Management Act, the Basic Law that Governs the Nation's 155 National Forests

Managers of the nation's 155 national forests will have more leeway to approve logging and other commercial projects with less formal environmental review under a new Bush administration plan, The Associated Press has learned. >> Read the Full Article

Toyota to Market Almost Heavy Metal-Free Lexus in 2006, Japan Newspaper Says

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to launch a vehicle free of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium in 2006 to help reduce the disposal of environmentally harmful waste, the Nihon Keizai reported Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article