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Workers Face Tough Battle Against Alaskan Oil Spill Amid Icy Seas

Scott Halama, his cheeks crimson from biting winds, dragged a yellow oil boom across an estuary, straining to refashion a barrier destroyed by the night's raging surf. >> Read the Full Article

Schwarzenegger Makes Democrat new California EPA Chief

In a move cheered by environmentalists, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday tapped Alan Lloyd, chairman of the state's Air Resources Board, to be secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency. >> Read the Full Article

Honda to Expand Areas Where Fuel-Cell Vehicle Leased

Honda Motor Co. said Friday that next year it will expand the areas where it leases its next-generation FCX vehicle equipped with a cold-resistant fuel-cell stack, in addition to its current limited leasing service in Japan and the United States. >> Read the Full Article

The Word on Weird Fruits, in Ask Umbra

A reader spotted an unusual fruit at her local market, allegedly a "golden kiwi," though larger than the kiwis she was familiar with, and fuzz-less. What, she asks Umbra, is this thing, and what nefarious corporate technological shenanigans are behind it? Umbra reassures that there are more fruits in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in her philosophy -- in Ask Umbra, on the Grist Magazine website. >> Read the Full Article

Danube Recovering from Pollution, but Faces New Threats from Growing Eastern Economies

The fragile ecosystems in the Danube river have recovered from high pollution levels in the 1970s and 1980s but face new threats with the eastern expansion of the European Union, a U.N. official said. >> Read the Full Article

Whale Shark Finds New Friends in Indian Fishermen

A few weeks ago, the crew of an Indian fishing boat in the Arabian Sea thought they had the biggest catch of their lives. >> Read the Full Article

Britain Decides to Bury Foreign Nuclear Waste

Britain has agreed to bury foreign nuclear waste in the country, reversing a 30-year policy. >> Read the Full Article

Nevada Officials Approve Money-for-Water Deal with Arizona to Supply Fast-Growing Las Vegas Area

Nevada officials Thursday approved a $330 million water-sharing pact with Arizona designed to ensure supplies for tens of thousands of new homes planned for the booming Las Vegas metropolitan area over the next several years. >> Read the Full Article

On Second Look, Feds Give 'Threatened' Listing to Washington State Orcas

Two years after denying Endangered Species Act protection to killer whales that live much of the year near Washington's San Juan Islands, the federal fisheries agency said Thursday it plans to list the struggling population as a threatened species. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Administration to Allow Continued Use of Ozone-Depleting Pesticide

The Bush administration announced new rules Thursday to allow U.S. farmers who grow tomatoes, strawberries and other crops to continue using methyl bromide, an ozone-depleting pesticide that had been scheduled to be phased out worldwide next year. >> Read the Full Article