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Radioactive Materials Seized in Central Russia

Russian security services seized two containers filled with highly radioactive material at a scrap yard in central Russia, Interfax news agency said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Conservationists Claim Japan Has Illegally Killed Whales in Australian Waters

An animal rights group claimed Tuesday that Japan has illegally killed hundreds of whales in an Australian whale sanctuary, and it launched legal action aimed at stopping the hunt. >> Read the Full Article

Wild Predators Pose Little Threat to Livestock and Other Stories

Wolves and lions, bears and leopards have long been mortal enemies of ranchers. In an attempt to protect their livestock, human herders have hunted many big predators to the brink of extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Supporters Say Wind Energy Set to Explode in New York

At Fenner Windpower Project in Madison County, 20 huge wind turbines stand as if at attention, waiting for a breeze. >> Read the Full Article

Two Die, 100 Fall Sick After Drinking Contaminated Water in Pakistan

Two people died and about 100 others fell ill after drinking contaminated water from a well in a Pakistani village, an official said recently. >> Read the Full Article

Expert Panel Recommends Sharp Cuts in Fishing for Some North Sea Stocks

Catches of cod and other fish stocks must be drastically reduced or even stopped in the North Sea to help populations recover from years of overfishing, an independent expert panel said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Middletown, Ohio, Steel Company Gets Grant to Meet Pollution Standards

AK Steel Corp. will receive $150,000 in an Ohio Business and Roadwork Development grant, the state said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

The Expanding Organic Grocery Scene

It's a great time to be an organic food shopper, whether you're new to organics or a veteran devotee. >> Read the Full Article

Number of Human-made Fires in Amazon Rain Forest Grows

The number of human-made fires is increasing in the Amazon rain forest on Indian reservations, in farming regions, and in so-called environmental protections areas, the federal environmental protection agency, Ibama, said recently. >> Read the Full Article

Officials Examine Oil Samples, Issue Subpoenas in Probe of Puget Sound Oil Spill

Scientists planned to examine oil samples and the Coast Guard issued subpoenas in an investigation into who caused at least 1,000 gallons of oil to spill in Puget Sound, officials said. >> Read the Full Article